Our Leadership Team

Xoserve's Leadership Team works together to manage the day-to-day running of Xoserve and to help the organisation meet its goals and satisfy its customers.

Stephanie Ward - Chief Executive Officer

Leads the Xoserve organisation and is an expert in contract management having spent much of her career with major outsource providers Cognizant and Capgemini.

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Dave Turpin - Head of Customer, Industry and Regulatory Affairs

Responsible for the business plan and assuring outsourcing arrangement continues to deliver great customer satisfaction.

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Emma Smith - Head of Customer Change

Responsible for all customer change and assuring the outsourced delivery of change.

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James Spicer - Head of Finance and Support Services

Responsible for Finance, IT, HR, Risk and Audit, Information Security and our ISO compliance programme.

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Eve Bradley - Company Secretary

Responsible for assuring good corporate governance and successful separation.

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Last updated on 05 Jan 2022

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