XRN 4828 - Nov-19 Release Delivery


This CR is the Parent Change Request for November 2019 Major Release, scope to include the following changes, all approved at ChMC 12/12/18

XRN4725 - New read reason type LIS estimate readings

XRN4621 - Suspension of the Validation between Meter Index and Unconverted Index

XRN4679 - Requiring a Meter Reading following a change of Local Distribution Zone or Exit Zone

XRN4753 - CMS - Increase information provided in QCL response file. - Withdrawn

Proposer Xoserve Implementation date 08 Nov 2019 Latest update 08 Nov 2019
Contact information uklink@xoserve.com Release Type. Major

Impacted Parties

- Shipper

- Distribution Network Operator



Last updated on 08 Apr 2020

BER XRN4828 - Novemeber 2019 BER

BER XRN4828 - Novemeber 2019 BER

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Last updated on 08 Apr 2020

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