Release 2

UK Link Releases

We are presently in UK Link Minor Release Drop 6

June 2019 Release

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Release 2 Change Proposal

The UK Link Release 2 Delivery document is downloadable from the Joint Office website.

Release 2 Scope

Release 2 Scope History

Last updated on 27 Dec 2018

Release 2 Implementation

Release 2 was implemented over the weekend of Saturday 30th June to Sunday 1st July containing changes from the main UK Link implementation and from Future Release 1.1.

Sixteen changes were delivered, covering:

  • Enhanced functionality
  • Increased reporting requirements
  • File Format changes
  • Contact Management Service updates

The changes introduced in this second main release enhanced reporting requirements and enabled the required data to be available to all Users.

Full details of the UK Link Release 2 changes can be found on the Joint Office website.

Release 2 Documentation

UK Link Release 2 Information Pack

Last updated on 26 Sep 2018

Cutover Dashboard

Last updated on 19 Mar 2018

Release 2 GONG Checkpoint

Last updated on 28 Jun 2018

External UAT Report

Last updated on 22 Jun 2017

Future Release Prioritisation and Scoping Approach

Last updated on 27 Dec 2018

XRN4249 – Address Maintenance Solution

Last updated on 05 Mar 2018

XRN4249 – Data Load Plan

Last updated on 28 Mar 2018

XRN4449 – Customer Test Strategy

Last updated on 01 May 2018

XRN4449 Testing Approach

Last updated on 05 Mar 2018

XRN4449 Test Plan

Last updated on 05 Mar 2018
Release 2 Change Packs

These Change Packs have now been archived. If you need to view them, please contact your Customer Advocate

  • XRN4361 – Release 2 Change Pack Status Update
  • XRN3477 / UKLP112 – Missing Key Data Item from IGTs to Shippers (Plot Number)
  • UKLP222 – Theft Risk Assessment Service Tip-off hotline Data Provision – Enduring Solution
  • XRN4299 / UKLP251 – Reports required under UNC TPD V16.1 (UNC Modification 0520A)
  • XRN4303 / UKLP267 – Remove ‘N’ as an allowable value for the SFN file
  • XRN4304 / UKLP270 – Amend Referral rules for Class 2 smaller Large Supply Points (LSP)
  • UKLP273 – Vulnerable Customer Data Requirements – (special needs codes)
  • UKLP287 – Back billing for domestic (SSP) sites needs to reflect the correct adjustment start date
  • XRN2381.5B / UKLP292 – Changes to the Upper Parameter of the XDO Partial Refresh File – For Information Only
  • XRN4248 HSE Smart Metering Reports
  • COR3386 New DN role for CMS
  • COR3283 : Recording of DN Siteworks / New Network Connection Reference in Central System
  • UKLP359 – Address Validation Change
  • UKLP367 – MIV changes for MUR Invoice
  • XRN4249 Address Maintenance Solution
  • XRN4316 / UKLP315 – Meter Point Details Report & Sector Breakdown Report

Release 2 DSG Content

Monday 19th March 2018

XRN4249 – Migration Options

XRN4361 DSG UKL FR2 Implementation – Options

XRN4361 Release 2 Delivery Update

XRN4449 Customer Testing

Monday 23rd April

XRN4361 Release 2 delivery update

30th April 2018

XRN4361 Release 2 – Implementation Plan – Query Response

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