UK Link Release – June 2021 Release


On this page you will find:

      • Information about the UK Link June 2021 release
      • A list of the changes due to be implemented within the release
      • Supporting documentation

June 2021 Release scope

The scope for June 2021 Release was approved at the DSC Change Management committee meeting on Wednesday September 9th. The details of the meeting are available on the Joint Office website.

Scope changes were agreed at Extraordinary Change Management Committee on 26/10/20 and November Change Management Committee on 11/11/20


June 2021 Major Release Implementation

The June 2021 Release was successfully implemented on 25th June 2021 and consisted of 1 change:

De-Scoped at Extraordinary Change Management Committee on 26th October 2020

De-Scoped at Change Management Committee on 11th November 2020

UK Link June 2021 Release Design Awareness Material will be available soon.

The scope awareness session for this major release will be available soon.


Release Documentation

This collated list of documentation will be updated as the June 2021 Release work continues.

June 2021 Release – Delivery Plan


June 2021 Release – Circular


June 2021 Release BER


June 2021 Release – EQR




Who to Contact

To contact the UK Link June 2021 Release Team please email

Alternatively, you can email

or call

Thomas Lineham – 0121 229 2711
Laura Chambers – 0121 229 2366​

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