UK Link Release – November 2020 Release


On this page you will find:

  • information about the UK Link November 2020 release
  • a list of the changes due to be implemented within the release
  • supporting documentation

November 2020 Release scope

The scope of the November 2020 release was approved at the DSC Change Committee meeting on Monday 4th May. The details of the meeting are available on the Joint Office Website. The details of the meeting are available on the Joint Office website

Training Documents

November 2020 Change Training E-learning course


Release Changes

The November 2020 Release was successfully implemented on 7th and completed on 8th November 2020 and consists of 6 changes:

The Shipper-funded changes are:

> XRN4801 - Additional Information to be made viewable in DES

> XRN4897 - Resolution of deleted Contact Details (contained within the S66 records) at a Change of Shipper event

> XRN4899 - Treatment of Priority Service Register Data and Contact Details on a Change of Supplier Event

> XRN4931 - Submission of a Space in Mandatory Data on Multiple SPA Files - Descoped at Change Management Committee meeting 7th October 2020. 


> XRN4992 - Creation of new charge to recover Last Resort Supply Payments - Descoped at the Extraordinary Change Management Committee meeting 26th October 2020. 

The Split-funded change is XRN4771b (30% Shipper and 70% DNO):

> XRN4871b - Modification 0665 - Changes to Ratchet Regime

The DNO-funded change is:

> XRN5014 - Facilitating HyDeploy2 Live Pilot

Release documentation

This collated list of documentation will be updated as the November 2020 Release work continues.

Who to contact

Please submit queries to the UK Link November 2020 Release team at or

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