2024 – RJ – ES -Shipper Rejection Code List

2024 – RJ – ES -Shipper Rejection Code List

2024 – RJ – ES -Shipper Rejection Code List

Last updated on 27 Jul 2018

Published on 27 Jul 2018

Dear Colleague,

On Monday 23rd July the Change Management Committee met to approve and set implementation dates for changes within the implementation plan. As part of discussions, the introduction of rejection code SAN00001 - Supply meter point is part of Sanction - was discussed. This rejection code is currently being issued via UK Link however it was not captured within the Shipper Rejection Code list.

Change Managers requested that the rejection code be implemented within a major release. The next available major release is the February release; scheduled for implementation on 1st March 2019. It was also requested for the rejection code to be added to the Shipper Rejection Code list and accessible to Users. Please see the updated Shipper Rejection Code V5 Approved which incorporates this rejection code.

The rejection code list is available within SharePoint at the following location February 2019 Release.

If you have any questions related to this communication, please contact me via uklink@xoserve.com.

Kind regards,

Emma Smith – Customer Change Life Cycle Manager

Customer Team

Emma.Smith@xoserve.com | 0121 623 2386 / 07596 933903