Coronavirus (COVID-19) Customer Update – 14th September 2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Customer Update

Published on 14 Sep 2020

Dear Customers,

I’d like to share my latest update as we continue to support you through the ongoing challenges and impacts of the COVID-19 outbreak.

We continue to monitor the levels of Unidentified Gas (UIG) each day, and to track how it is affected by Meter Point Reconciliation in later months. You can find these graphs in the UIG Interim Reporting Pack each week, on the UIG Task Force Useful Links page. There was a one-off issue in North Thames (NT) Local Distribution Zone (LDZ) on Gas Day 4th September, where incorrect gas input measurements caused a spike in LDZ and national UIG. The error was spotted and corrected before the measurements closed five days later (D+5).

The latest graphs show that UIG has tended to be positive since mid-July, as more businesses are able to reopen. UIG as the balancing factor in each LDZ each day is very dependent on the accuracy of all data inputs. Non-Daily Metered Demand, especially at Domestic sites, is highly weather dependent. As we move into Autumn we tend to see greater volatility in daily UIG levels, depending on the level of heating switch-on and other demands. Although we can’t accurately predict UIG levels in advance, we can say that this Autumn is likely to see the same volatility if not more, particularly as the exit from the COVID-19 lockdown seems increasingly precarious and as more local areas impose their own targeted lockdowns.

All gas industry parties can help to manage settlement accuracy by ensuring that they submit regular meter readings especially for larger sites. Meter read performance for Monthly Read sites and those with Smart or Automated meter reading equipment is particularly low at present, with around 20% of those meter points being without a reading for three or more months. Shippers and Suppliers should also continue to monitor any sites in an ‘Isolated’ status, and update the status if they are now using gas again. If you need any help with this, please contact your Xoserve Customer Advocate.

The only outstanding COVID-19 related UNC Modification, 0730 (COVID-19 Capacity Retention Process) will be discussed further at a Workgroup meeting on Thursday 24th September.

Our next update will be on Monday 28th September. If you have any queries about our continuity planning, please email We’ll respond to every email we receive within 24 hours.

Kind regards,

Andrew Szabo | Chief Customer Officer