Coronavirus (COVID-19) Customer Update – 1st March 2021

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Customer Update

Published on 01 Mar 2021

Dear customers,

I’d like to share our latest update as we continue to support you through the ongoing challenges and impacts of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

The one remaining COVID-related UNC Modification (0730V - COVID-19 Capacity Retention Process) remains with Ofgem for the final decision on whether or not to implement, as it is not following the self-governance process.

As all the home nations remain under national coronavirus lockdown restrictions, national UIG levels appear to be fairly stable, usually between 0% and 5% of total throughput. Of course COVID-19 is only one contributing factor to UIG. As we move into the Spring and temperatures start to fluctuate more from day to day, the Composite Weather Variable may not always keep pace with the latest conditions, which can contribute to either positive or negative UIG swings. We publish an update to the UIG tracking graphs around the middle of each week under UIG Useful Links.

With just one more month to go until the annual change in the Code Cut-off Date (the ‘Line in the Sand’) on 1st April 2021, we will be engaging with customers to ask for their help in addressing over 400,000 live gas sites in our UKLink system without a valid read since 1st April 2018. Whilst we fully appreciate the difficulties that the gas industry and wider economy are experiencing with business closures and access issues, we are hoping to minimise the number of sites with billing periods prior to that date which would time out and never be reconciled. Please contact your Xoserve Customer Advocate Manager for advice and assistance on how to identify these sites and how to address them.

Our next update will be on Monday 15th March. If you have any queries in the meantime, about our continuity planning, please email We’ll respond to every email we receive within 24 hours.


Kind regards,

Andrew Szabo | Chief Customer Officer