Coronavirus (COVID-19) Customer Update – 1st September 2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Customer Update.

Published on 01 Sep 2020

Dear Customers,

I’d like to share my latest update as we continue to support you through the ongoing challenges and impacts of the COVID-19 outbreak.

The final window for Liquidity Relief Scheme Claims closed on Friday 28th August for the August Billing Period. This relates to Urgent Modification 0726 which allows certain Gas Shippers to apply for extended payment terms on some large Gas Transportation Invoices (excluding Energy Balancing Invoices). Details of the total amounts claimed are published by the Gas Transporters towards the end of the month following the billing month here.

We continue to monitor the levels of Unidentified Gas each day, and to track how it is affected by Meter Point Reconciliation in later months. You can find these graphs in the “UIG Interim Reporting” pack each week, on the UIG Task Force Useful Links page. COVID-19 is just one of many contributing factors to UIG, alongside weather reactions and other data accuracy issues, such as out of date AQs.

We report monthly anonymous statistics to Performance Assurance Committee of Annual Quantities (AQs) which are overdue for re-calculation, based on Meter Read Frequency. These showed a slight improvement in August compared to July, but we still need to see more regular meter readings to bring AQs up to date and trigger Meter Point Reconciliations. You can find the latest statistics on the Joint Office’s Performance Assurance Committee page here.

Our next update will be on Monday 14th September. If you have any queries about our continuity planning, please email We’ll respond to every email we receive within 24 hours.

Kind regards,

Andrew Szabo | Chief Customer Officer