Retrospective Data Updates - Progress Report

The latest update on our progress on the Proof of Concept for Retrospective Data Updates.

Published on 26 Nov 2019

Every fortnight we will be providing our customers with regular updates on the industry-wide asset data cleansing exercise known as ‘Retrospective Data Updates’.

Focussing on Meter Asset data, the exercise sees us piloting a Proof of Concept (PoC) to help us work with customers to understand the level of discrepancies that exist and help us target our services and solutions to support Customers in improving data quality.

What’s happened recently?

We are now approaching the end of the Design phase. Our team has been holding sessions with interested Shipper customers over the past weeks. We have shared details on the exercise, gained positive support from multiple customers and also clarification on the level of participation parties are able to provide to the Proof of Concept.

What’s happening next?

Key activities in the coming weeks include establishing the scope of the project’s reporting outputs and ensuring testing activities take place with Shipper volunteers ahead of the live data cut being taken on 8th December.

We will continue to work with volunteer Shippers during this period and will be ensuring that regular progress updates continue to be provided to our DSC Customers.

For more information on the Retrospective Data Updates exercise, please see our dedicated webpage or email us directly on