Contracted and Commercial Services for Great Britain's gas industry.

Services for the Gas Industry

We provide the services that manage the data and maintain the customer contacts throughout Great Britain's gas market.

Our service areas are:

  • General Services
  • Specific Services
  • Commercial Sales

We provide our General Services and Specific Services under the Data Services Contract (DSC) and the UK Link User Agreement (UUA). Commercial Sales are available to all authorised customers.

General Services

Our General Services (Operations) are provided in our role as Central Data Service Provider (CDSP) for the gas market of Great Britain. All services are provided on a business as usual basis to the industry and are funded from the income we receive as CDSP.

General Services provided by us, include:

  • Switching
  • Invoicing
  • Settlement
  • Query Management
  • Energy Balancing

We also provide a Registration Service to the industry to ensure that gas supply switching happens smoothly.

Specific Services

Specific Services are provided under the DSC and the UUA – which are part-funded by the Gas Transporters, and paid for by Users as and when they access a service.

Specific Services include:

  • Transactional services for validations and calculations
  • Provision of Information Exchange (IX) connections
  • Gemini access
  • Telephone enquiries
  • Registered User Portfolio Reports

Services that are available to buy and the associated charges are listed in the Annual Charging Statement.

Annual Charging Statement 2019/20

Annual Charging Statement 2020/21

Commercial Sales

Our Commercial Sales, delivered by our Customer Contracts Team, can be provided to all authorised customers on request. These are tailored and bespoke services that can be carried out on a one-off basis or set-up to be run on a regular schedule.

Commercial Services can include, for example:

  • Bespoke reports
  • Duplicate invoicing files
  • Training workshops

Our Contracts Team will be able to help you with any queries.

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