Gemini Contingencies

Request XP1 tokens and learn about Starburst, Nebula and Star contingencies.

Accessing Gemini – XP1 Contingency

Gemini should be accessed using Information Exchange (IX).

If it is not possible to access Gemini through IX we provide an XP1 back-up process.

XP1 software update (October 2020)

The software needed to access XP1 is changing.

To continue access to Gemini via your XP1 token you will need to download and install the following:

The XP1 user guide has been updated and is available here

The XP1 contingency service should only be used when IX is not available. Its use is subject to the following limits:

  • XP1 will be available on a ‘best endeavours’ basis at all times, other than during planned maintenance
  • If you access Gemini through XP1 due to a perceived failure of your main IX system, you must inform the Transporters of the failure
  • Transporters shall have no liabilities or obligations in respect of XP1 and its use by any UK Link User other than those which are set out in Appendix 3 of the UK Link Manual.

Energy Balancing processes will not be affected if XP1 is used.

Access to Gemini through XP1 requires ActiveX control. Each web browser has a different process to install ActiveX control, which should be easy to find.

You may need to contact your IT Administrator for assistance or authorisation during installation.

Access with XP1 continues on a secure network, which works using a two-step login process for security purposes.

Access to XP1 is through a:

  • Unique login name
  • Unique security token provided by us (Authentication 1)
  • PIN code (Authentication 2)

Requesting XP1 tokens

You can request an XP1 token by completing a Specific Service Request Form and submitting to this to Customer Life Cycle Team. This form needs to be submitted by the Contract Manager for your organisation. If you are unsure of who the Contact Manager is please contact Customer Life Cycle Team.

Charging for XP1 tokens

The first XP1 token is provided free of charge. There is a cost for any tokens after this. The charges are listed under Appendix B of the Annual Charging Statement.

Annual Charging Statement 2019/20

Annual Charging Statement 2020/21

Gemini Contingency Exercise (Starburst)

Exercise Starburst is to improve awareness and application of the Gemini Code Contingency Guidelines.

On Thursday 7th June 2018, we coordinated a communications ‘Test Programme’. The test scenario assumed that Gemini was unavailable for a portion of the Gas Day, with National Grid collating information so that capacity and balancing positions could be updated once the system was restored.

In response, the Gemini Contingency and On-the-Day Commodity Market (OCM) contingency proformas have been updated based on Shipper feedback. Please update your internal processes as necessary.

If you have any questions, the contact details for the teams can be found on each proforma.

Future reviews will be conducted annually. The next nominated date is Thursday 1st August 2019.

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Starburst Communications and related Gemini Templates can now be found in the Resource Library.

Previous Gemini Contingency Procedures

Contingency exercises for the Gemini System have taken place since 2010:

Gemini Code Contingency Exercise Nebula 2013

Last updated on 24 Oct 2013

Gemini Code Contingency Exercise Star 2010

Last updated on 24 Sep 2018

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