Gemini training and understanding

Includes user familiarisation, invoicing documents and Gemini Exit guidelines.

Getting the best from Gemini

Gemini is a system of online applications managed by us and used by Great Britain's gas industry to control the flow of gas through the network. The system is used for processes including:

  • Allocations
  • Measurement
  • Scheduling

The Gemini suite uses two different applications to operate, Gemini and Gemini Exit:-

  • Gemini is used to put gas into the network
  • Gemini Exit is used to take gas out of the network

So that our customers can get the best from both Gemini and Gemini Exit, we provide learning materials, training opportunities and online guidance.

Training with Gemini

We provide a comprehensive range of training materials for Gemini:

Gemini Application Programming Interface (API)

As part of our Education and Resources service, eligible Users can test processes with the Gemini API. An API is a piece of software that lets different applications work with each other.

The Gemini API uses a secure offline mirror image environment that allows true-to-life trialling.

To check whether the Gemini test environment is available to use for testing of the Gemini API please ask your Local Security Officer (LSO) to contact Service Desk on 0845 600 0506.

The Service Desk will request the following information:

  • Shipper organisation name & short code
  • Start date and end date when access is required
  • Whether access is required to test APIs, online screens or both
  • Details of live Gemini User IDs for online screens and API access to replicate in the testing environment.
    • Separate IDs are required for Gemini online screens and API interfaces
    • For API testing User Role IGMS100 or EXIT100 is required
  • For API testing please provide details of which APIs or API Controllers will be tested
  • For accessing and testing of screens confirmation of:
    • Which screens will be accessed
    • Whether data will be entered together with which fields will be used
    • Details of the test cases to be executed

If you are already registered to test, you can view the Gemini API documents in the Resource Library.

Gemini Technical Documents

View the Gemini Technical Publications in the Resource Library.

Gemini invoicing file formats are on the UK Link Documentation secure SharePoint.

To request access to the UK Link documentation SharePoint, please see the Extranet Secured Site page.

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