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Find out more about our customer support teams and what they do.

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    Our customer teams

    We have two customer teams at Xoserve who provide the support and service you need:

    • Customer Advocate
    • Customer Care

    Together, they provide the support you need to reach your goals, and troubleshoot any issues.

    Customer Advocate team

    Our Customer Advocate team is the first point of contact for Data Services Contract (DSC) customers.

    We have advocates for each customer segment. They act as your organisation’s champion, supporting your operational needs and strategic objectives.

    You can find a full list of our advocates and their customer segments below:


    Constituency meetings

    The Customer Advocate team regularly holds meetings across all our customer segments.

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    Customer Care team

    Our Customer Care team is here to address and resolve any issues with our services.

    To discuss any issues please contact