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Xoserve works at the heart of Great Britain’s complex gas market. We’re technology-driven and focussed, and we manage and process immense volumes of data for the industry.

Using our state-of-the-art technology, our aim is to radically transform the gas energy market for customers and consumers across Britain, and to simplify and leverage our assets – people, process, technology and data – for the benefit of all.

We believe that the value of our data is yet to be realised and that by helping our customers and innovators to run their own analytics and applications on our data-sets, we can offer almost unlimited future value.

We bring digital technology, data and expertise together to make transactions between energy producers and end users easier and smoother. For example, we run the systems that allow consumers to change their gas supplier.

As custodians of the GB gas industry’s data, we store data for all 24 million gas meter points in Britain. We ensure that everyone is invoiced correctly and that the gas market balances every day.

The scale of our impact on the energy industry means that, when you join Xoserve, you will be contributing towards helping the gas industry deliver the service that every customer deserves – whether that is a gas supplier, shipper, transporter or business or domestic gas user. 

We’re guided by our seven core beliefs in everything we do, and we’re a vibrant, growing, operationally excellent company at a very exciting time in our development.

We’re at the heart of an energy market that needs fundamental changes, and believe that we can bring the best people and technology to make this transformation happen.

We are the right business, with the right strategy, at the right time, and we are building the right teams.

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From technology specialists to data experts, from digital transformers to customer advocates, we’re always on the lookout for people who share our beliefs, who want to contribute and develop and be part of the Xoserve community that delivers our industry-transforming strategy.

At Xoserve, our behaviours ‘The Core Four’ are at the heart of everything - it’s not just what we do, but also how we do it. We’ve included them below so you can understand what we look for and if you think you are good match.

Dream Big

We embrace change and the future.
We challenge the ‘norm’ and work together to push boundaries and innovate.

Delight Customers

We do what we say we will.
Our customers are our priority and we identify and anticipate their needs.

Drive Success

Mediocre isn’t an option!
We take responsibility to achieve results and create an environment that enables everyone to perform at their best.

Develop You

We take every opportunity to develop.
We develop ourselves and others and build relationships based on trust and integrity.

We are a diverse team, with a community of dedicated, innovative and talented professionals. Does this sound like you?

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Supporting your development

We are committed to supporting your development and have a number of initiatives to help you grow and thrive at Xoserve.

We do this by investing in personal and professional growth. This includes fostering an environment where colleagues’ aspirations and ambitions are understood and supported as part of great coaching conversations; operating clear career pathways; and having easy to access training and development in a range of methods to suit the subject matter and the learner.

We have an in-house team of people development and training experts who are our go-to advisors and coaches and who enhance and improve the people experience through the products they develop and deliver.

We believe in creating an exceptional experience for our people so you can deliver an exceptional experience for our customers. To support our people in achieving this we have the Academy.

It is the 'go to' place for collaborative learning at Xoserve, somewhere where you can hone your skills, identify your career path, access learning programmes / learning content, share knowledge and expertise.

We also provide support – sometimes financially, sometimes in terms of time - related to your training and study needs. This could include reimbursement of one professional subscription per annum.

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