Clive Nicholas – Chief Commercial Officer

Clive was a founding Xoserve Executive member and was Head of Customer Operations between 2004 and 2007. He moved to National Grid in 2007, where he was responsible for developing and implementing their customer experience management strategy.

In 2010, Clive started as Head of Retail Strategy for Southern Water, where he went on to spend four years leading their retail price review, as well as being accountable for their business customers.

Clive worked as a consultant for a number of energy and water retailers, before returning to Xoserve in 2017.

As Xoserve's Chief Commercial Officer (CCO), Clive is responsible for managing the breadth and depth of commercial risk and building a cohesive commercial unit within the organisation.


Clive's Direct Reports

Claire Jameson - Head of Procurement
Eve Bradley - Head of Risk and Assurance
Imran Sangra - Head of Finance
James Kelly - Head of Contract Management
Kevin Moylan - Head of Portfolio Governance and Change Assurance
Sarah Gull - Head of Legal

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