Lee Foster – Chief Technology Officer

Having worked for Transco since 1994 in a variety of roles, Lee Foster joined Xoserve at its founding in 2005.
For the past 14 years, he has become a familiar face at the company, having worked on a number of deliveries, including Gemini and Project Nexus. More recently, he has run the Central Switching Service programme.
In his new role as Chief Technology Officer (CTO), he oversees changes to the UK Link and Gemini platforms as part of the new Technology Directorate.
As CTO, his main aim is to create an environment for the team to succeed at delivering the company strategy and valuable change for our customers.


Lee's Direct Reports

Andrew Simpson - Platform Director (Gemini and Integration)
Dee Deu - Chief Information Security Officer
Ian Leitch - UK Link and CSS Programme Director
Jane Rocky - Academy Lead Change Management
Jay Munbodh - Head of CTO Office
Robert Smith - Head of IS Operations

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