Your Customer Team

Our Customer Advocate Team is the first point of contact for our customers. Whatever your needs, our team are here and ready to help.

When you first get in contact with us, you will be assigned your own advocate, who will be a consistent point of contact and support.

We understand your needs and we realise that they are not always straightforward. We work hard to identify and respond to your strategic and operational needs, and to ensure that these are clearly addressed within Xoserve.

We make sure that all our people understand your priorities as a customer. 

Our team of Customer Advocates are here when you need them, whether it's just to offer friendly guidance to new market entrants, or to assist customers in solving more complex issues.

Our Advocates are our customers' champions and are here to make sure that meeting your needs is at the heart of everything we do.

If you need to raise a request or log an incident related to one of our business applications (e.g. Data Enquiry, IX, IX Files, Contact Management System or Gemini), please contact our IS Service Desk on 0845 600 0506 /+44 (0) 121 623 2858.

Alison Jennings - Customer Lead

Non I&C Shippers, Gas Transporters, Independent Gas Transporters

Email me
0121 229 202507500 603 269

James Verdon - Customer Advocate

Small and Medium Shippers (Uniform Network Code Class C)

Email me
0121 229 2279 / 07976 563 899

Helen Field - Customer Advocate

National Grid Transmission, Traders/Market Operators, Daily Metered Supply Providers, Interconnector Operators, Clearance Houses

Email me
0121 623 2536 / 07887 423 740

Victoria Mustard - Customer Advocate

Distribution Networks, Independent Gas Transporters, Meter Asset Managers, Meter Asset Providers, Utility Infrastructure Providers, Meter Read Agencies

Email me
0121 229 273407519 605 322

Max Pemberton - Customer Advocate

Large Shippers (Uniform Network Code Class A)

Email me
0121 229 2419 / 07742 623 186


Kieran McNulty - Customer Advocate

Industrial & Commercial Shippers (Uniform Network Code Class B)

Email me
0121 229 2359 / 07930 474 072

Dionne Thompson - Customer Excellence Manager

Industrial & Commercial Shippers (Uniform Network Code Class B)

Email me
0121 229 2162

Matt Smith - Segment Support Manager

Supports across all customer groups

Email me
0121 229 2414

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