XRN 4871 - Modification 0665 - Changes To Rachet Regime


Modification 0665 has been raised and seeks to amend the current Class 2 Ratchet Charging Arrangement and it allows Transporters designate Supply Points (Network Designated) that should, in addition to mandatory Class 1 Supply Points, be subject to the existing Class 1 Ratchet Charging Arrangement. It is expected to be voted on by UNC Panel in March with final approval by Ofgem in April 2019.

This Change Proposal has been raised to deliver the system requirements set out within this modification. Due to the proposed timescales and the requirement to implement the changes by 01 October 2019, the Change Proposal has been raised ahead of the modification being officially approved.

Part A will be implemented as a part of Minor Release Drop 5 on the 7th September 2019 

Part B has a proposed implementation of November 2020 Release


Proposer Gazprom Energy Implementation date TBC Latest update 13 Dec 2019
Contact information uklink@xoserve.com Release Type. Major

Impacted Parties

- Shipper

- Distribution Network Operator





Last updated on 13 Dec 2019

Change Proposal

XRN4871 CP

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