DSC Delivery Sub-Group (DSG)

About the DSG

The DSG is a sub-group of the DSC Change Management Committee (ChMC).

It works to provide recommendations on change solutions for improving and transforming our IT services and systems, and managing industry reform.

The DSG is an open forum, with representatives from the Shipper and Gas Transporter communities, performing an advisory role to the ChMC.


Delivery Sub-Group Meetings

DSG meetings are held on a monthly basis and are chaired by Xoserve.

We send out meeting material on the Monday prior to the session – in line with our timescales for Change Management Meeting paper submissions.

All meeting minutes and related documents will be made available in the Events Calendar and Resource Library shortly after the meeting has concluded.

The last DSG meeting was held on 25th October 2021

The next DSG meeting will be held on 22nd November 2021


Extraordinary DSG Meetings for CSS Consequential Change

These are adhoc Data Services Contract (DSC) Delivery Sub-Group (DSG) meetings to discuss requirements and potential solutions to support the Central Switching Service (CSS) Consequential Change.

The last Extraordinary DSG meeting was held on 7th July 2021

Contact the Change Team

Need to get in touch with a member of the Change Team?

You can email us at: uklink@xoserve.com and we'll get back on the same day between the hours of 9:00am to 4:30pm.

DSG Meeting dates

Dates for each meeting and meeting documentation will be made available in advance.

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New to the Change Process?

An overview of how a change progresses from a proposal being raised, all the way through to delivery.

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