DSC Delivery Sub-Group (DSG)

Providing recommendations on change solutions, delivery options and the scope of releases.

The DSC Delivery Sub-Group works to improve the services and systems that are critical to
Great Britain's gas market.

Improving the Gas Industry Through Change

The DSC Delivery Sub-Group (DSG) works with the gas industry to develop change to improve our services and the central systems that are essential to market success. It is a sub-group of the DSC Change Management Committee (ChMC).

The DSG is an open forum, with representatives from the Shipper and Gas Transporter communities, performing an advisory role to the ChMC. It works to provide recommendations on:

  • Change solutions
  • Delivery options
  • Scope of releases

Supporting the committee in managing the industry impacts on our Programme of Change. The DSG advises on change release programmes, such as:

DSC Delivery Sub-Group Meetings

The DSG meets once a month throughout the year. Following on from feedback from customers in relation to the DSG meetings, which are chaired by Xoserve, we have re-scheduled the meetings to monthly. By moving the meeting to monthly we are confident that those attending will get more value from the sessions and we are hoping that the number of people attending starts to rise too. To align to the Change Management Meeting paper submission timescales we will be sending all material for the meeting out the Monday prior to the session, this will allow for you to circulate the material internally with your own operational and change teams to gauge any impacts to your organisation.

The dates for each month, along with all meeting documentation to be discussed will be made available in the Events Calendar and Resource Library ahead of the date.

All meeting minutes and other documents will be made available in the Events Calendar and Resource Library shortly after the meeting has concluded.

Last DSG Meeting

The last meeting is on Monday 23rd March 2020.

View DSG Meeting Monday, 23rd March 2020.

Next DSG Meeting

The next meeting is on Monday 27th April 2020

View DSG Meeting Monday, 27th April 2020.

Upcoming DSG Meetings

View DSG Meeting Tuesday 26th May 2020

You can view all future DSG meeting dates in this downloadable PDF.

Extraordinary DSG Meetings for CSS Consequential Change

These are adhoc Data Services Contract (DSC) Delivery Sub-Group (DSG) meetings to discuss requirements and potential solutions to support the Central Switching Service (CSS) Consequential Change.

Last Extraordinary DSG Meetings for CSS Consequential Change Meeting

The last meeting was on Monday 6th November 2019.

View Extraordinary DSG Meetings for CSS Consequential Change Meeting 6th November 2019 documents.



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