Retrospective Data Updates

Retrospective data analysis

We're piloting a proof of concept to help us analyse and improve
industry-wide accuracy issues with asset and read data.

Under Modification 0651, in our role as the gas industry’s Central Data Service Provider (CDSP) we are facilitating an industry-wide Asset Data Cleansing exercise. This will provide Shippers with the opportunity to correct pre-existing asset data discrepancies by submitting an extract of their portfolio to Xoserve.

We will then work with Shippers to compare datasets and share outputsbefore agreeing on the best course of action to apply updates to the Supply Point Register. In addition, 0651 sets out the principles of an enduring solution that allows Shippers to correct asset data discrepancies as and when these are identified.

Overview of the process



The outputs of data comparison and analysis include:

  • Specific reports for shippers
  • Market level reports on data quality
  • Insights into root causes, trends, and impacts of data anomalies


The proof of concept will provide us with:

  • A better understanding of data issues that exist within the industry including analysis of anomaly types and levels
  • Identification of quick wins to improve data quality
  • Opportunities to prevent future data anomalies

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