Switching Programme

Providing faster, more reliable switching for consumers

Ofgem launched the Switching Programme to encourage consumers to engage with the same energy market, and to improve their experience of doing so. Its aim to deliver reliable, next day switching for consumers by replacing the existing switching services with a new Centralised Switching Service (CSS).

Welcome to Xoserve’s CSS page. This is the central reference point for our customers on Xoserve’s involvement in, and perspective on, the delivery of Ofgem’s Central Switching Service.

We are committed to keeping our customers fully informed on the delivery of this programme. On a weekly basis, we’ll share our Weekly Progress Report, our Day After Reports (DARs) and our updated view on key risks:

  • Our weekly Switching Programme Status report; this is the weekly report we’re required to submit to the System Integrator, and we’re sharing here for our customers to have the same update
  • Day After Report summaries of key program meetings; these are basic notes that we capture during meetings to share with internal to help with consistent knowledge levels across Xoserve, and to provide a contact point if more information is required. We felt that our customers would benefit from seeing these notes should you wish to understand more about Xoserve’s interactions with the programme.
  • Summaries of the key risks: this is a summarised version of our risk log of topics we believe are affecting the programme and the work that we’re doing to address these risks.

Going forward, we’ll look to widen the information we share based on what our customers are asking to understand. If there are additional updates that you would like, or if you have a comment about any aspect of the programme, please contact Emma Lyndon

CSSC Programme S
ummary: 19th July 2019

This past week has been a busy week for the switching programme with a number of programme workgroups taking place.  The day after report (DAR) for each of these workgroups are shown below for your information.

Ofgem’s Design Forum was held on the 15th July, this forum was dedicated to walking through the comments received against Landmarks primary physical interface design and ESP’s secondary interface designs.  Due to the large volume of comments raised against the primary design, comments had been ranked as high, medium and low priorities.  This forum concentrated on the high category with low and medium responses being provided in written form and issued for comment and review in readiness for the next design forum on the 29th July.

The Core Systems and Services Integration Approach (CSSIA) documents have been split into multiple sub documents and reviewed independently at the appropriate workgroups, where comments and responses have been progressed and discussed. In order to understand the full end to end solution these singular documents need to be reviewed as a whole. A revised CSSIA document has been created which brings all of the individual sub documents together, this document is targeted for publication Friday 19th July and will contain all the comments and responses to questions raised against the sub documents. Industry participants are asked to review and comment on this revised version.

Xoserve continues to raise our concerns within the appropriate forums but also via our weekly report to Netcompany (SI).  Our main concerns continue to exist in relation to the retail energy location (REL) specifically the need to understand the underlying business process and sequence of events around REL creation and provision. Also, REL is controlled under licence by Ordnance Survey which constraints the use of REL for switching purposes only. A design forum action has been taken to quantify ‘for switching purposes’, until Xoserve receives this confirmation our design and build activities continue at risk. 

As part of our review of the primary physical design we have raised a high priority comment in relation to the complexity and processing requirements with the use of singular web hooks end points.  Xoserve has asked for the flexibility of multiple web hooks which will allow the receipt of message to a particular end point, allowing prioritisation, validations and flexibility of design for future industry change.

We have also raised a concern that recent programme artefacts specifically the CSSIA suite of documents have been issued for Industry review with extremely limited timescales, under five days in some instances. A reduced review period for multiple artefacts potentially limits the time to undertake a quality and comprehensive review. To aide a robust review cycle  Xoserve has asked that a ‘base set’ of document acceptance criteria is produced and adhered to for all switching programme documentation. We have also asked for a comprehensive list of up and coming documents requiring industry review, the scale of the document and the review cycle timeline.

With our experience of data activities during Nexus we are extremely mindful of the complexity of data design and migration activities. Whilst data technical workgroups are being planned to begin to understand the lower level data requirements we have an emerging concern around the many detailed areas that need to be covered in a relatively shortly timeframe. We are still pending the issue and publication of the security policy, we understand this will be shortly available.

Our Consequential Programme status remains at Amber due to the outstanding CSS design dependencies. Our consequential build has been split into three phases based on CSS design dependencies. In order continue to mitigate impacts to our programme timelines we are undertaking a prioritisation and potential re plan activity for our build phases however this is contingent on answers to our questions and receipt of key programme documents.

CSSC Weekly Programme Status Reports

CSSC Weekly Programme Status Report: 19th July 2019

Last updated on 19 Jul 2019

CSSC Day After Reports

Data Working Group - Wednesday 17th July

Last updated on 19 Jul 2019

Switching Programme Delivery Group - Tuesday 16th July

Last updated on 19 Jul 2019

Design Forum - Monday 15th July

Last updated on 19 Jul 2019

Design Forum – Monday 1st July 2019

Last updated on 05 Jul 2019

Implementation Group – Tuesday 2nd July 2019

Last updated on 05 Jul 2019

Ofgem Testing Workgroup – Tuesday 2nd July

Last updated on 05 Jul 2019

CSSC Key Risks Summary

CSSC Key Risks Summary: 12th July 2019

Last updated on 12 Jul 2019

Last Extraordinary DSG Meetings for CSS Consequential Change Meeting - 10th June 2019

View Extraordinary DSG Meetings for CSS Consequential Change Meeting Monday 10th June 2019 documents.

Draft Business Requirements Documents

UK Link File Format Change Summary

Last updated on 01 Jul 2019

Switching Programme Consequential Change - Gemini Business Readiness Document (BRD) v0.2 (clean)

Last updated on 15 May 2019

Switching Programme Consequential Change - Gas Transporter (GT) Independent Gas Transporter (IGT) Business Readiness Document (BRD) v0.2

Last updated on 24 Apr 2019

Switching Programme Consequential Change - Shipper Business Readiness Document (BRD) v0.7 (Clean)

Last updated on 21 Mar 2019

Draft Central Switching Service Consequential (CSSC) Programme Plan on a Page

Last updated on 11 Mar 2019

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