February 2020 Release

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June 2020 Release

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February 2020 Documentation Release

February 2020 Documentation Release Scope

  • Rejection Code Reword - Defect 1492
This documentation change is looking to provide additional clarity relating to rejection code AQI00003.  Defect 1492 was raised in September 2019 to look at an issue regarding the processing of two Shipper submitted Winter Consumption AQ Correction requests for the same MPRN.  UK Link was processing and attempting to accept both requests, with the first being formally accepted and updated correctly and the second raising an exception as it was not expecting two requests to be submitted and processed in unison.  A defect fix was carried out to use existing rejection code AQI00003 when correctly rejecting the second Winter Consumption AQ Correction but to provide clarity the rejection code description for AQI00003 is to be updated to “Outstanding AQ/WC correction request already exist”. 
  • End User Categories (EUC) File Format descriptions
During development of XRN4665 [Creation of new End User Categories], it was discussed the potential need for a file format description amendment to support stakeholders with providing additional clarity for the construction of EUC description values.  The introduction of Market Sector Code and Meter Type has left some descriptions potentially outdated that could benefit from an amendment to be more explicit in the formation of EUC naming conventions.  This change is to amend all effected Record/File Formats (CAI, CAO, CCN, CIC, CIN, CIR, CUN, DDS, DDU, I68, IDL, IIL, IQL, NNL, T04, T50 & T67) that contain either the EUC_DESCRIPTION & REVISED_EUC_DESCRIPTION data items and carry out a description change as agreed with the industry as being of benefit. 

Both out for consultation in the December Change Pack and will go to ChMC for approval in January.

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February 2020 Release Circular

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