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Minor Releases were introduced in 2018 for changes with no impact to customer processes or systems.

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Minor Releases

Minor Release deliveries were introduced in early 2018.

The Change Management Committee (ChMC) have set the criteria for Minor Releases as changes that:

  • typically have no impact for customer processes or systems
  • require less than 100 days effort to deliver
  • are prioritised for delivery before the next available Major Release

Any changes which will impact on customer processes or systems will only be delivered within a Major Release.

Minor Release Drop 1 Documents

XRN4685 Minor Releases – MIR Drop 1 Change Pack

Last updated on 11 May 2018

MIR Drop 1 – Release Circular

Last updated on 05 Nov 2018

Minor Release Drop 2 Documents

Minor Release Drop 2 (MIR Drop 2) began Design activities in July 2018. Two changes are in scope for full End to End delivery:

  • XRN4576 - Class 4 Transfer Reads not Visible to Shippers in DES

This is a new change that was approved for delivery by ChMC on May 2018.

  • XRN4612 - RGMA Activity on Transfer Date

This is a deferred change from Release 2.

XRN4699 MIR Drop 2 – Release Circular

Last updated on 24 Nov 2018

2102.6 – RJ – ES XRN4699 MIR Drop 2

Last updated on 01 Nov 2018

Minor Release Drop 3 Documents

Minor Release Drop 3 (MIR Drop 3) has two changes in scope for full End to End delivery:

  • XRN4690 - Actual read following estimated transfer read calculating AQ of 1
  • XRN4717 - Use of up to date Forecast weather data in first NDM Nominations Run

Both changes were approved by the Change Management Committee (ChMC) on Wednesday 10th October 2018.

The Changes were implemented on Saturday 16th February 2019.

XRN4802 MIR Drop 3 Release Circular

Last updated on 18 Feb 2019

UK Link Minor Release Drop 3 Customer Awareness Session

Last updated on 12 Dec 2018

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