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November 2019 Release Scope

The scope for November 19 Release was approved at the DSC Change Management committee meeting on Wednesday 12th December. The details of the meeting are available on the Joint Office website.

November 2019 Major Release Implementation

The November 2019 Release is due to be implemented on Friday 8th November 2019 and will consist of four changes:

  • 4679 – Requiring a Meter Reading following a change of Local Distribution Zone or Exit Zone
  • 4725 – New Read Reason type for LIS Estimate Readings
  • 4621 – Suspension of the Validation between Meter index and Unconverted Index
  • 4753 – CMS Increase Information Provide in QCL Response file

Change 4753 is awaiting an approval of a solution option before being formally assigned to the November 2019 Release. The Change Management Committee will make this decision on 9th January 2019.

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