UK Link Release – June 2019

UK Link Release – June 2019

To contact the UK Link June 2019 Release team, please:

June 2019 Major Release Scope

The scope for the release was approved at the DSC Change Management committee meeting on Wednesday 10th October 2018. It consisted of one shipper-funded and two Xoserve-funded changes.

View the meeting details and associated materials from the Joint Office website.

June 2019 Release Changes

The Shipper-funded change is XRN4687:

The Xoserve-funded changes are XRN4670 and XRN4676:

June 2019 Major Release Implementation

The UK Link June 2019 Major Release was implemented on Friday 28th June 2019.

June 2019 Release - Delivery Plan

Last updated on 08 Aug 2019

June 2019 Release Circular

Last updated on 12 Nov 2018

CP 2157.2 RJ ES XRN4670 Duplicate Read Replacements creating unnecessary exceptions

Last updated on 23 Nov 2018

CP 2160.1 SH ES XRN4687 PSR updates for large domestic sites v4.0

Last updated on 27 Nov 2018

CP 2157.3 RJ ES XRN4676 Reconciliation issues with reads recorded between D-1 to D-5 v2.0

Last updated on 23 Nov 2018

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