UK Link Release – June 2020

UK Link Release – June 2020

To contact the UK Link June 2020 Release team, please email:

or call

  • Surfaraz Tambe - 0121 229 2693

Training Documents

June 2020 Change Training E-Learning course

Customer Change Training XRN4850 Questions & Answers

June 2020 Major Release Scope

The scope for the release was approved at the DSC Change Management committee meeting on Friday 22nd November 2019. It consisted of two shipper-funded and five Xoserve-funded changes. View the meeting details and associated materials from the Joint Office website.

The Change Proposal for June 2020 Release can be found here.

June 2020 Major Implementation

The UK Link June 2020 Major Release was implemented on 26th and completed on 27th June 2020.


June 2020 Release Documentation

This collated list of documentation will be updated as the June 2020 Release work continues. 

June 2020 – Release Circular

Last updated on 30 Jan 2020

Delivery Plan

Last updated on 13 Jan 2021

June 2020 - Market Trials Approach

Last updated on 07 May 2020

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