AML/ASP Task Force Update Friday 22nd February 2019

AML/ASP Task Force Update Friday 22nd February 2019

XCE1814 - Xoserve Amendment Invoice Weekly Update – Friday 22nd February 2019

Last updated on 22 Feb 2019

Published on 22 Feb 2019

Dear Customers and Industry Colleagues,

The Amendment Invoice (AML/ASP) Task Force continues to work through improvements in our approach to resolving ongoing issues affecting our customers. This month’s billing cycle is currently being closely monitored as we continue to look for improvements in both how we support our customers in the immediate term with supporting information mismatch correction, as well as how we ultimately resolve this issue once and for all.

This week we presented a Task Force update at the February DSC Contract Management Committee (presentation material available here). We look forward to providing a further update at the dedicated AML/ASP customer WebEx on 27th February 2019; however in the meantime please find outlined below updates on the latest progress from within the team.

January 2019 Billing Period Amendment Invoice Run

The Task Force are currently working towards issuing the January Amendment Invoices along with the ASP supporting information files on Tuesday 26th February 2019.  Should you or your organisation have any queries in respect to your January 2019 Amendment Invoice, please contact Rachel Martin’s Amendment Invoice team via

AML/ASP Mismatch Defect Resolution

This month we have successfully deployed  eight defect fixes to our production systems that we believe were impacting the Amendment Invoice, relating either to charge calculation errors or supporting information mismatches.  We anticipate that these defect fixes will help to reduce the mismatches currently being witnessed between the AMS and the ASP/AML files, although we are aware that there is still a significant way to go and that the very nature of reconciliation may lead to us witnessing new scenarios leading to new defects. 

The latest version of the defect resolution plan can be found by visiting the Amendment Invoice webpage., this plan will be updated on a weekly basis.  If you have any question or queries please contact me

As you will see from the fix plan, all Amendment Invoice impacting defects have been categorised as either ‘AMS Charge Calculation, ‘AML/ASP Financial Mismatch’, or ‘AML/ASP Non-Financial Mismatch’. We are confident that by targeting defects for fix according to this categorisation, alongside our business as usual defect prioritisation methodology, that we will help to drive down the number of excluded reconciliations from each monthly Amendment Invoice billing cycle as well as the number of supporting information mismatches incurred month-on-month per customer.

As previously communicated the February WebEx will now take place on Wednesday 28th February at 3.30pm – 4.30pm and detail of the agenda will be shared early next week.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any question or queries you would like to discuss.

Kind regards,

Deborah Coyle Spencer – Customer Liaison Manager