Xoserve Amendment Invoice Weekly Update

Friday 8th February 2019

Xoserve Amendment Invoice Weekly Update - Friday 8th February 2019

Last updated on 08 Feb 2019

Published on 08 Feb 2019

Dear Customers and Industry Colleagues,

The Amendment Invoice (AML/ASP) Task Force continues to remain the top priority area of focus for us here at Xoserve. Improvements in our approach to resolving this issue, including aligning our defect fixes to each appropriate milestone within a monthly invoice billing cycle, as well as the commissioning of a dedicated and independent solution design workstream, continue to take shape. Augmentation of expertise and support within our root cause analysis and defect fix teams remains ongoing, which has included some of our key IS Operations staff accompanying our newly installed interim Operations Director, Steve Rist, on a visit to one of our system integrators’ offshore locations in Bangalore, India, to reinforce AML/ASP knowledge transfer to all appropriate support teams.

As communicated last week, please expect more detailed updates to be provided at both the February DSC Contract Management Committee and at the dedicated AML/ASP Customer WebEx on 27th February 2019; however in the meantime please find outlined below updates on the latest progress from within the team.

December 2018 Billing Period Amendment Invoice Run

Xoserve operational teams continue to conduct ASP mismatch analysis for those shippers impacted within the December 2018 billing cycle. Since last week’s update, ‘offline’ ASP mismatch correction files have started to be issued to impacted shippers. Should you or your organisation have any queries in respect to your December 2018 Amendment Invoice, please contact Rachel Martin’s Amendment Invoice team at recandrbd.billing@xoserve.com.

The system generated December 2018 AML supporting information files were issued to all shippers (who have opted to receive them) over the course of last weekend. Offline AML correction files to rectify any discrepancies between a shipper’s ASP K90 record and their AML K92 record are expected to be generated this weekend, in readiness for distribution commencing from Monday 11th February. These offline AML correction files will mark the first time Xoserve draw upon the newly developed automated ABAP routines. As such, it is expected customers will witness an improvement on the AML financial mismatch totals. Going forward, we will target to issue to customers both online AML file(s) and the offline ABAP-generated AML correction file(s) at similar times.

AML/ASP Mismatch Defect Resolution

Amendment Invoice defect prioritisation continues; the team have successfully deployed two Amendment Invoice charge calculation defect fixes to production in advance of the ‘close out’ date of 10th February 2019 for the January 2019 billing period. We can also confirm that a subset of those defects categorised as high-priority, linked to the ‘Re-reconciliation’ scenarios wherever the start and/or end date is different between the original reconciliation period and the re-reconciliation period, are targeted for fix and deployment ahead of the January 2019 AMS and ASP file generation on 26th February 2019.

At the time of writing, we are working towards the resolution of 29 open defects that we believe are impacting the Amendment Invoice and its supporting information files. All of these defects are undergoing prioritisation assessment and deployment re-planning based on the impact to the invoice and its AML/ASP files. We are aiming to publish weekly views of our AML/ASP defect resolution plan, starting from next week, to our company website.

Please can you encourage your colleagues interested in the progress on the issues currently being faced with the Amendment Invoice and its supporting files to visit our dedicated Amendment Invoice webpage available here.

As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out directly to myself, or Deborah Coyle, should you have any further questions or comments.

Kind regards,

Alex Stuart – Head of Customer Consultancy

alex.stuart@xoserve.com | 07793463675