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At the heart of the UK Gas Industry

Who We Work With

Who We Work With

Xoserve operates at the heart of the gas industry and provides services to many customers and other stakeholders. Below is a list of our customers and others we work closely with:

  • signatories to the Data Services Contract (DSC)
  • those signed up to the Uniform Network Code (UNC)
  • Industry Groups

Data Services Contract

All Gas Transporter and Shipper customers have signed up to the Data Services Contract (DSC) with Xoserve, meaning that they have shared responsibility for making decisions about the services provided under the DSC and for funding Xoserve to carry out its service delivery activities and change programmes

Signatories to the UNC

Companies who have a Gas Shipper Licence and have signed up to the Uniform Network Code. The Uniform Network Code (UNC) is the hub around which the competitive gas industry revolves, comprising a legal and contractual framework to supply and transport gas.

The Gas Transporter Licence Special Standard Condition 15 states that there will be a common service provider for services and systems for all relevant gas transporters. The scope is set out in the Uniform Network Code (signed by gas transporters and gas shippers) and the Data Services Contract.

You can view the Uniform Network Code on the Joint Office * web site.

* Xoserve is not responsible for the content of other internet sites.


Industry Bodies

We work closely with Ofgem and the Joint Office of Gas Transporters, who ensure that the gas industry remains fair and competitive for all consumers.

Ofgem is the regulator for Britain’s gas and electricity industries. Its role is to protect and advance the interests of consumers by promoting competition where possible, and through regulation only where necessary.

The Joint Office of Gas Transporters
The Joint Office of Gas Transporters was created as part of the distribution network sales process in May 2005, and the governance requirements of the Joint Office are contained within the Joint Governance Arrangement Agreement.

Its role is to provide, on behalf of the gas transporters, an efficiently administered governance of the processes for modifying the commercial regime that underpins the gas industry. Information relating to modifications (proposed and implemented) to the Uniform Network Code (UNC) is published on its website at: www.gasgovernance.co.uk


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