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Amendment Invoice

Amendment Invoice (AMS) Issues – What’s the issue?

A number of functional defects and integration issues are causing presentation issues and charge calculation issues within the AMS invoice, resulting in presentation issues where data is missing or incorrect within the ASP and AML supporting data and incorrect charge calculations-which are excluded from the invoice until a fix is deployed.

What is Xoserve doing about the issues?

A taskforce consisting of business process and technical experts are working together to fix the issues causing both functional and integration issues.

There are 3 Primary Focus areas.

1. Business as Usual (BAU) – Maintaining the quality of the invoice, and improving the workaround process for issuing supporting AML and ASP files.
2. Technical Design Review and Root Cause Analysis (RCA) – Detailed technical review to identify any process improvements, and understand the root cause of functional defects
3. Customer Engagement and support
– Provide regular bi–weekly updates to Customers
– Engage with individual Customers to understand the impact that the issue is having on each organisation and work together to find ways to provide additional support.

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