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Autumn Update from Ranjit Patel, Chief Customer Officer

Dear Customer,

I hope you have enjoyed the fantastic summer we’ve had, as always it has flown past. Certainly, for me at least, 2018 is passing in a flash.

I am conscious it has been six months since we held our Customer Day and I wanted to provide you with an update. We have been very busy working to improve Xoserve in a number of ways to create better experiences for our customers.

I know there are some issues still at play – the ongoing Amendment Invoice issues and the continuing investigations into Unidentified Gas (UIG) spring to mind as the most significant. These are very much front and centre for us. We have recently mobilised a UIG Task Force at the request of the industry and have also mobilised a similar dedicated team to focus on a path to a resolution for the Amendment Invoice issues.

Budgeting and RIIO2 will become an increasing area of focus for us for the remainder of the year.  We will be releasing our initial Business Plan 2019 (BP19) consultation on Monday, 24th September, for you to consider and provide comments. Please can I ask that you do give this document serious consideration and if you have any feedback, please contact your Customer Advocate or Dave.Turpin@Xoserve.com in the first instance. We have set up a WebEx on Thursday 11th October to provide you with an additional opportunity to provide your input. We very much look forward to receiving your thoughts and feedback on our plan.

As an industry we are facing unprecedented levels of change, with the Central Switching Service (CSS) on the horizon. It is clear from my conversations with you that Xoserve needs to provide increasing service levels across the board in order to adequately support the industry through these busy times, and we will continue to endeavour to do just that.

This will without doubt be an ongoing journey, and it is certainly important to constantly strive as an organisation for the next step.  I do want to take some time to recognise some of the highlights of what we have achieved in the last six months and also draw your attention to the continuing opportunities for you to contribute.

Business Planning (BP19)

We have moved forward our Business Planning process by six weeks this year to enable customers to have longer to understand and assess the plan, along with significantly increasing the level of transparency.

Our Customer Teams

I had previously talked to you about our Customer Department restructure and the recruitment we have been undertaking over the summer. Both our Customer Change team and Customer Office are now in place, and I am happy to report that our Advocate team has been busy recruiting throughout the summer and as a result will be fully populated from November.  In the meantime, please click here to see an overview of the current Advocate team.  We will provide a more detailed introduction to the team when our new appointees are in place in November.

Our Website

We have been working with our customers to redesign our website – it’s important to us that it not only looks and feels more modern, but also that it meets our customers’ day-to-day needs. We have heard loud and clear that user-friendly navigation, searchable and relevant content and a focus on easy to understand language are key requirements. We are really keen to ensure that as we progress, we continue to take feedback and channel this into the new site. If you would like to get involved, please contact Debbie.Whittingham@xoserve.com, or your Customer Advocate. We will continue to use customer visits to our offices to share progress and take feedback in person.

The Change Process

We have listened to your frustrations with the change process, from the ability to find information easily, the quality, timeliness and clarity of the information we send to you and how we engage with you. The ‘capture’ phase is now up and running, giving us the chance to work more collaboratively with you all, ensuring your requirements and the impacts of changes are more clearly understood. We will continue to refine the process to make change easier for us all to manage; we plan to bring some ideas to jointly develop in the next couple of months to make sure they are resolving any frustrations.

Training and Education

We have created a training plan detailing the main topic areas where customers have requested training or education. So far, under customer requests we have delivered non-standard sites training, Invoicing Discovery Days and ad-hoc 1-2-1 customer training. We have also published educational material on UIG and Release 3 among other topic areas. We will continue to work with you all to understand your ongoing training or educational requirements and develop and deliver training programmes. If you have any training requests or would like to be involved in a review of our training material then please contact Tahera.Choudhury@xoserve.com.

Incident Management

During the last few months we’ve received some negative feedback about the quality of our Incident Management processes; we’ve taken this very seriously. It’s very important to us that we provide the best level of customer service we can and so with this in mind, we have undertaken a complete review of this service using Customer Experience Journey Mapping techniques. It was essential we obtain an ‘outside-in’ view from our customers in order to help us with this task.  We have worked with experts in this field to map our ‘Customers Journey’, including some direct and forthright customer feedback. So I’d like to take this opportunity to thank those people who engaged in this process and gave us these valuable insights from a customer perspective, it’s proved to be invaluable. We have identified a number of improvements to reduce customer pain points that will be implemented over the coming months and, of course, we’ll keep you posted on our progress.

Key Value Indicators (KVIs) and Rant & Rave

We’ve recently implemented Rant & Rave as our new instant feedback mechanism that has the ability to generate a numeric score from free text via a sentiment engine. We’re very excited about this, as we believe it provides an instant and easy channel for our customers to provide their feedback. For more information please contact Adam.Jones1@Xoserve.com.

Data Services

We have recently launched both the Price Comparison Website API for switching data, and also an online version of our M-Number helpdesk which helps consumers to obtain their own registration information through the web. These are the first initiatives to begin to expose Xoserve’s data in new ways that will improve accuracy, reliability and reduce overall effort for customers, industry participants and the ultimate customers, consumers.

You can find a comprehensive updated list of all our initiatives in the live document we created following the April Customer Day here.

I hope this has proved to be a useful update to you all as to the things we are doing across Xoserve to improve your experiences with us. As mentioned above, these are really just the highlights that we wanted to draw your attention to.  We have a long list of further opportunities underway, and I would like to thank you for your patience and continued support and engagement.


Ranjit Patel – Chief Customer Officer

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