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Future Releases

Xoserve has historically delivered managed change to its existing systems in response to industry requirements and to maintain the integrity and stability of the infrastructure.

June 2017 marked the delivery of one of the largest such changes, in the shape of the UK Link Programme. This programme represented a significant step change in scale, complexity and risk for the delivery portfolio requiring a robust, well planned strategy to enable delivery of subsequent changes.

At a high level, Xoserve’s approach will be to deliver multiple major releases of functionality a year, alongside a stream of minor enhancement work. The first major releases are anticipated to be ‘Release 2’ and ‘Release 3’, with estimated delivery dates Quarter 2 and Quarter 4 2018 respectively.

Release 2 will focus on changes to improve service provision (eg. the removal of manual processes) that have low consequential change to Market Participants’ systems and interfaces.

Release 3 will include delivery of deeper industry changes based on market driven change demand.

February 2019 Release The changes within the February 2019 release will be implemented in early March.

June 2019 Release is due to be implemented on Friday 28th June 2019

November 2019 Release is due to be implemented on Friday 8th November 2019.

Minor Releases

The concept of ‘Minor Release’ deliveries was introduced in early 2018 with the aim of delivering changes that are less than 100 days effort to deliver and/or prioritised for delivery before the next available Major Release.

Changes to be delivered via this delivery mechanism will typically be changes with no impact to external customer’s processes or systems as these ‘larger’ changes would be placed for delivery within a ‘Major Release’.


Minor Release Drop 2 (MiR Drop 2) commenced Design activities back in July 2018 with two changes in scope for full ‘end to end’ delivery

  • XRN4576 (Class 4 Transfer Reads not Visible to Shippers in DES) is a ‘new’ change that was approved for delivery by ChMC in May 2018
  • XRN4612 (RGMA Activity on Transfer Date) is a deferred change from  Release

Minor Release Drop 3 (MiR Drop 3) has two changes in scope for full ‘end to end’ delivery both approved for Delivery by ChMC in October 2018. The changes are due to be implemented in February 2019.

  • XRN4690 Actual read following estimated transfer read calculating AQ of 1
  • XRN4717 Use of up to date Forecast weather data in first NDM Nominations Run

November 2019 Major Release is due to be implemented on Friday 8th November 2019. The scope for November 19 Release was approved at the DSC Change Management committee meeting on Wednesday 12th December, details can be found on the Joint Office website, and will consist of four changes:

  • 4679 – Requiring a Meter Reading following a change of Local Distribution Zone or Exit Zone
  • 4725 – New Read Reason type for LIS Estimate Readings
  • 4621 – Suspension of the Validation between Meter index and Unconverted Index
  • 4753 – CMS Increase Information Provide in QCL Response file

Regarding 4753, this change is awaiting an approval of a solution option before being formally assigned to the November 2019 Release. Change Management Committee will make this decision on 9th January 2019.


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