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  • UIG Task Force Sprint Four Update

    Dear Customers and Industry Colleagues, In late October the Unidentified Gas (UIG) Task Force published an executive summary of their Sprint 3 findings. The team is now pleased to share the most recent findings from Sprint 4. Background Since the implementation of Project Nexus in June 2017, gas shippers have experienced much higher than expected […] Read more

  • Xoserve.com Website Update

    We frequently receive comments from our customers that their experience with our current website is poor and that they struggle to find what they need. Since we started the project to redevelop Xoserve.com, we’ve reflected back on this feedback and believe that we have designed a website that will no longer be “difficult to use” […] Read more

  • UIG Task Force Sprint Three Update

    Dear Customers and Industry Colleagues, In early October the Unidentified Gas (UIG) Task Force published an executive summary of their Sprint 2 findings. The team is now pleased to share the most recent findings from Sprint 3. Background Since the implementation of Project Nexus in June 2017, gas shippers have experienced much higher than expected […] Read more


  • UIG Task Force Sprint Two Update

    Dear Customers and Industry Colleagues, In late September the Unidentified Gas (UIG) Task Force published an executive summary of their initial Sprint 1 findings. The team is now pleased to share the most recent findings from Sprint 2. Background Since the implementation of Project Nexus in June 2017, gas shippers have experienced much higher than […] Read more

  • Launch of our new Service Desk Portal

    We are working to continuously improve the service that we offer our customers and have launched a new portal for submitting Service Desk faults, issues or queries on our website. If you have a system query about Gemini, SAP-ISU (UK Link), Data Enquiry Service (DES), Contact Management Service (CMS) or the Service Portal and are […] Read more

  • Autumn Update from Ranjit Patel, Chief Customer Officer

    Dear Customer, I hope you have enjoyed the fantastic summer we’ve had, as always it has flown past. Certainly, for me at least, 2018 is passing in a flash. I am conscious it has been six months since we held our Customer Day and I wanted to provide you with an update. We have been […] Read more

  • UIG Task Force Update

    Dear Customers and Industry Colleagues, Following our commitment at the last DSC Contract Management meeting, we are now in a position to share an executive summary of our progress and findings to date from the Xoserve-led Unidentified Gas (UIG) Task Force. Background Since the implementation of Project Nexus in June 2017, gas shippers have experienced […] Read more

  • Xoserve publishes its Draft Business Plan and launches consultation to seek customer views

    Xoserve has today published its Draft 2019 Business Plan. In June 2018, the Business Plan Approach and Principles document was issued for customer consultation. Feedback from customers was reviewed and the draft Business Plan has now been developed. The draft Plan sets out the company’s ambitions for the next three years and the outcomes that […] Read more

  • Are you ranting or raving about us?

    We’re improving the way we receive feedback from our customers. We’ve recently started working with Rant & Rave to address all areas of our customer experience. We want to transform ranters into ravers, turning those unhappy into satisfied customers. Rant & Rave offers real-time customer feedback without the drag of long surveys. Customers will simply […] Read more

  • Annual CMS Disaster Recovery (DR) Activities 15th and 16th September 2018

    Xoserve will be conducting a scheduled Disaster Recovery (DR) exercise for the CMS Application which will be carried out during the CMS Maintenance window, with activities following the below schedule: Fail Over starts: Saturday 15th September 2018 at midnight to 7:00am UK BST, CMS application will be available from 7:00am on the day Failback starts:  […] Read more

  • New Consumer Enquiry System

    As part of our strategic aim to become Operationally Excellent, we have a commitment to making information more accessible across the gas industry through efficient and reliable services. To extend this commitment to the general public and improve the service we offer, we are pleased to announce the launch of our new online search capability, […] Read more

  • A new website for Xoserve

    Work is underway to provide a new, improved website for Xoserve. Customers have told us that their experience with our current website is poor and they struggle to find the information they need. The new website will launch in January 2019 and will feature an advanced search function and a new site structure, which should […] Read more

  • New Xoserve System Outages Page

    The systems we operate on behalf of our customers are critically important to the efficient running of the gas industry. We run a constant programme of maintenance, renewal and redevelopment to maintain our high levels of system availability and resilience. Sometimes this will involve temporarily taking a system down to do essential maintenance and very […] Read more

  • Xoserve New Starters: What to Expect

    Our Development and Wellbeing Manager, Elaine Shannon, is delighted to launch the first part of Xoserve’s new onboarding programme for new starters, “We listened to feedback about our old induction programme and have now transformed the experience for our new colleagues!” The programme enables new colleagues to get the best first impression of Xoserve, covering who […] Read more


  • UIG Task Force Update – Issues Management Tracker Now Published

    Dear Customer, I’m writing to let you know that as part of the issues analysis work of the Unidentified Gas (UIG) Task Force, we have just published the first version of the Issues Tracker which is available here. The purpose of the document is to share the framework we are using to help us quantify and prioritise all the […] Read more


  • UK Link Disaster Recovery Testing This Weekend

    As part of our annual programme of Disaster Recovery (DR) and resilience testing, Xoserve will be conducting the UK Link Disaster Recovery Test this weekend (17th – 19th August 2018). This is a test to prove the DR capabilities and procedures of UK Link, and will be managed end-to-end by Xoserve. There will be a service […] Read more


  • Release 3 Training and Education Sessions

    As introduced in the DSC Delivery Sub Group, Xoserve will be providing Release 3 Training and Education sessions on 21st and 29th August and 8th October. For further details please click here. These sessions will help assist in the familiarisation and adoption of changes across the industry for Release 3 before and after Market Trials. […] Read more

  • Xoserve publishes Mod 0431 reconciliation exercise results

    As part of Modification 0431 Shipper/Transporter – Meter Point Portfolio Reconciliation, Xoserve carried out a reconciliation exercise to identify and address issues contributing to Shipperless, Unregistered and Unidentified Gas (UIG). The objective was to increase the accuracy of the data held by Xoserve as the Central Data Services Provider, reducing the number of unregistered sites, […] Read more

  • UIG Task Force

    Following funding approval in early July, we have now mobilised the UIG Task Force and look forward to sharing with customers our progress at the DSC Change Management Committee on 8th August – you can find a more detailed update that will be discussed at: https://www.gasgovernance.co.uk/sites/default/files/ggf/2018-08/8.%20XRN4695%20UIG%20Taskforce%20Update.pptx We have seconded an internal team of subject matter […] Read more


  • Gemini Contingency and On-the-Day Commodity Market (OCM) Contingency Proformas Updated

    Gemini is the system that enables the operation of the commercial gas regime in Great Britain. It is a real time system with users able to bid online as well as through file transfers. Xoserve has full responsibility as system manager and system operator of Gemini on behalf of National Grid. The Gemini Contingency and […] Read more


  • Xoserve publishes its 2017/18 Annual Report

    Xoserve has published its 2017/18 Annual Report, providing an overview of the company’s performance over the last twelve months, and looking forward to what our strategy means for our customers. Xoserve Chairman Nick Durlacher said, “I am delighted to be able to introduce this edition of our Annual Report. It provides both a look back […] Read more


  • Unidentified Gas (UIG) ‘Task Force’ gets the Go Ahead

    Xoserve is pleased to confirm that Ofgem has approved UNC Modification to provide the funding, support and mandate for Xoserve to investigate the root causes and influencers of UIG, with a target of reducing its volatility and scale and to develop a robust predictive model for daily UIG for use by all customers. Now that […] Read more


  • Project to Upgrade Gas Industry’s Largest Database Goes Live

    A major project to improve and update the Gas Industry’s largest and most powerful database – UK Link – went live between 29th June and 1st July 2018. The UK Link suite of systems facilitates key processes for the competitive Gas Industry in Great Britain, including Gas consumer switching. The upgrade to UK Link, which […] Read more


  • Xoserve launches proposals for development of its 2019 Business Plan

    Xoserve has today (Wednesday 13th June) launched proposals for the development of its 2019 Business Plan and begun a period of consultation with its customers. Xoserve CEO Sian Jones said: “We’ve listened to and reflected on customer feedback from last year’s planning cycle, including the many helpful comments that we received at our Customer Day […] Read more

  • Xoserve sets out the 56 initiatives aimed at driving a better experience for Customers

    On 25th April, Xoserve held a Customer Day at its Solihull offices. The purpose of the day was to share Xoserve’s new strategy with customers and to gain their input into a number of new initiatives that are being planned to help deliver the strategy. In response to feedback gathered from customers on the day, delivery […] Read more


  • Xoserve’s Updated Privacy Policy

    As a data management company, it’s important to us that we keep your data safe. We believe in the importance of customer centricity and putting our customers at the heart of what we do. With that in mind, we have made some updates to our privacy policy to ensure you know what information we collect, […] Read more


  • Xoserve CEO Update on Unidentified Gas (UIG)

    Dear Customers and Industry Colleagues, Last autumn I stood up a dedicated team in response to industry-wide concerns about the volatility of UIG and we went on to support our customers to develop a number of urgent Uniform Network Code (UNC) Modifications which have been under review by Ofgem. Since the modifications were submitted, we […] Read more


  • Introducing Xoserve’s New Key Value Indicators

    As part of Xoserve’s drive for operational excellence and to support our ambition to be a truly customer centric organisation, we are introducing a new performance framework to measure our effectiveness in key areas of our services – our Key Value Indicators (KVIs). This framework – comprising seven specific indicators of our services – was trialled […] Read more

  • Putting our Customers at the Heart of Change

    Xoserve’s newly formed Retail and Networks Platform has been busy with a raft of work aimed at helping Xoserve and our customers plan change better. Lee Foster, Platform Director for Xoserve explains more: “My team and I have attended a number of industry meetings to discuss this subject in recent months – as well as […] Read more


  • Xoserve launches new customer survey in partnership with the Institute of Customer Service

    Xoserve has today launched a new survey with its customers, in partnership with the Institute of Customer Service (ICS). Xoserve has historically surveyed its customers on very broad customer satisfaction measures, but the new survey focuses on getting things right, first time, as well as honing in on customers’ most recent experiences with the company. […] Read more

  • Xoserve works to strengthen its approach to cyber security threats

    Ensuring that the data held on behalf of the gas industry is safe and secure is a top priority for Xoserve. Over the past year, Xoserve’s Information Security and Communications teams have created an award-winning Information Security awareness package for its employees, which has helped to drive awareness around key security issues. The programme won […] Read more

  • Xoserve publishes its response to Ofgem’s Faster Switching consultation

    Xoserve has set out why it believes its UK Link systems should be utilised to provide a Faster Switching platform for both gas and electricity markets, in response to a consultation launched by Ofgem. Xoserve’s response has been put together following a wide consultation with industry parties, including one to one meetings and a number […] Read more

  • Xoserve announces the appointment of a new Chief Financial Officer

    Xoserve has announced that Rofi Ihsan will join the company as Chief Finance Officer (CFO) from Monday 2nd October 2017. Most recently Rofi was CFO of Co-op Energy having previously worked at Npower and Royal Dutch Shell, where he gained his CIMA qualification. Sian Jones, Chief Executive Officer at Xoserve said: “I am delighted to […] Read more

  • Xoserve announced as the winner of the Innovation in Security Awareness category at the Real IT Awards 2017

    We are delighted to share the news that Xoserve was announced as the winner of the Innovation in Security Awareness category at the Real IT Awards 2017. The Awards were held recently at London’s Hilton South Bank Hotel, presented by Spencer Kelly, Technology Journalist. The submission was based on last year’s Cyber Security Awareness campaign, […] Read more

  • The Potential Role of UK Link and Xoserve in Faster Switching

    The full “The Potential Role of UK Link and Xoserve in Faster Switching” document is available. If you have any questions please contact: box.xoserve.CSS@xoserve.com In parallel to the consultation released by Ofgem today (27th July 2017), I wanted to provide you with some additional information about Xoserve, where we have come from and what we are […] Read more

  • UK Link Programme Update 1st June 2017

    We are delighted to confirm that the new UK Link system has been implemented and is now operational. This is a significant achievement for all concerned. The programme work continues to ensure we complete our catch up processes as planned and have an up to date service available for the start of the Gas Flow Day […] Read more

  • It’s a ‘go’ for Project Nexus

    At the Project Nexus Steering Group on 17th May, Ofgem made the decision for Project Nexus to go live on 1st June. Preparations are now in full flow as we head towards implementation of the new UK Link system. As part of our transition arrangements we are facilitating daily telephone sessions with stakeholders along with […] Read more

  • Gemini Disaster Recovery Test 2017 Results

    Xoserve carried out its annual disaster recovery test for Gemini, Gemini Exit and Gemini EU on Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th April 2017.  This activity is essential to prove the disaster recovery capabilities and procedures of the Gemini application. We’re pleased to report that the test was successful and Gemini was available as planned at […] Read more

  • IE Newsletter

    The latest edition of Xoserve’s Industry Engagement online newsletter is now available. It contains updates regarding Sian Baldwin’s appointment as Xoserve’s CEO designate, Industry updates from Xoserve’s External Affairs Manager Martin Baker, along with other news from Xoserve, including information on Xoserve’s updated Customer Engagement structure. We really welcome your feedback on the newsletter including […] Read more


  • Sian Baldwin appointed as Xoserve Chief Executive Officer

    Last November, the Xoserve Board announced that our current Chief Executive, Chris Murray MBE, would be retiring this Summer on completion of 40 years’ service in the industry and that the Board would conduct a search for his successor. I am delighted to announce that Sian Baldwin has been appointed as Xoserve’s new Chief Executive Officer […] Read more


  • Xoserve UK Link Programme ‘Ready to Go’ Event

    Please find below a summary of the content presented at the ‘Ready to Go’ event on Monday 13th March 2017 Ready to Go Content  Title Uploaded Type Our Business Engagement 1 13/03/2017 PDF Our Business Engagement 2 13/03/2017 PDF Our Business Engagement 3 13/03/2017 PDF Our Business Implementation 13/03/2017 PDF The Data Journey 13/03/2017 PDF Our Customers 1 13/03/2017 PDF Our Customers 2 […] Read more


  • Xoserve Makes it Five in a Row!

    We are delighted to share the news that for the fifth year in a row Xoserve has made it into the prestigious ‘Sunday Times 100 Best Companies to Work For’ employee engagement list. Chief Executive Officer, Chris Murray said, “We are delighted to be recognised once again as one of the country’s top employers with […] Read more

  • FGO Publications – 08.02.2017

    As the FGO Go-Live date of 1st April approaches, we have published key documentation and Guidance Documents relating to the Data Services Contract (DSC) as detailed below: Implementation of the DSC DSC Accession Guidance Document DSC Invoicing and Credit Guidance Document DSC Service Orders Guidance Document DSC Important Updates Document Xoserve Annual Charging Statements These […] Read more

  • Xoserve 2017 Calendar

    Xoserve 2017 Calendar has been finalised and we are pleased to inform you that this year we are doing things a little bit differently. Xoserve is heavily aware of environmental issues so starting from this year; we are going green and publishing the calendar via our website, rather than handing out paper copies as we […] Read more

  • For the attention of all IX (Information Exchange) kit owners

    Help us to help you. Please advise the Xoserve Service Desk if you have any planned outages so that we can arrange the appropriate support and reduce the volume of tickets raised and investigated unnecessarily. The Service Desk can be contacted on 0845 600 0506 if you are based in the UK, or +44 (0)121 623 2858 […] Read more

  • An announcement from CEO Chris Murray

    Xoserve CEO Chris Murray has announced that on completion of 40 years’ service with National Grid and following the implementation of the UK Link/Nexus programme, he will be leaving the company in the Summer of 2017. The announcement has been made now so that the Xoserve Board can start the process of identifying Chris’s successor. […] Read more

  • Gemini XP1 Contingency Token Replacement

    The Gemini system is accessed by shippers and other external users via the IX link which is the primary route. There is a contingency link which is referred as XP1 also available. The XP1 link will be used in the event of the primary IX link becoming unavailable. The solution is based on dual factor […] Read more

  • A message from Xoserve’s Chairman, Nick Durlacher

    Xoserve’s CEO, Chris Murray, and I are pleased to announce that the four nominees selected by the Shipper Nominations Committee have been appointed as Directors of Xoserve Limited with effect from 1st September 2016. For more information click here Read more


  • Message from Xoserve CEO, Chris Murray

    “Back in March, Ofgem announced that they were formally taking on the role of Programme Sponsor for the UK Link Programme and that PwC would support them by providing “end to end” programme management and assurance.  We welcomed the collaborative approach and are encouraged by progress that has been made since this revised approach was […] Read more

  • Data Management Group

    The Data Cleansing Forum meeting has been reviewed and its Terms of Reference have been expanded to incorporate wider UK Link Programme Data activities (such as reporting progress of key data activities in the lead up to Nexus go-live). A key product to support understanding in this area is Xoserve’s Data Migration Approach, which outlines […] Read more


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