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Xoserve’s Funding, Governance and Ownership (FGO) Programme

On 1st April 2017, Xoserve took on its role as the gas industry’s Central Data Service Provider (CDSP), marking the completion of the FGO Programme.  So what does this mean for Xoserve and its customers?

    • All Gas Transporter and Shipper customers have signed up to the Data Services Contract (DSC) with Xoserve, meaning that they have shared responsibility for making decisions about the services provided under the DSC and for funding Xoserve to carry out its service delivery activities and change programmes.
    • All Trader Users have signed the UK Link User Agreement (UUA) for IX services.
    • CDSP Service Charges for 2018/19 reflect the Budget approved by the Xoserve Board in January 2018 following a period of customer consultation. The CDSP Annual Charging Statement provides further information.
    • Xoserve will invoice and collect funds from DSC and UUA customers in line with rules set out in the CDSP Budget and Charging Methodology and the CDSP Credit Policy.
    • Xoserve will consult with its customers during the development of its annual Business Plan and Budget before making a recommendation to the Xoserve Board for approval.
  • Implementation of the DSC introduces three new Committees for Contract Management, Change Management and Credit Management. Meetings will be chaired, organised and administered by the Joint Office of Gas Transporters, who will also oversee the process for the appointment of voting representatives. See www.gasgovernance.co.uk for further information.
  • The Xoserve Board, led by our Chairman Nick Durlacher, comprises four Shipper nominated Directors and four Network nominated Directors (one on behalf of National Grid Gas Transmission, two on behalf of the Gas Distribution Networks, and one on behalf of the independent Gas Transporters).
  • At Project Nexus go live, the independent Gas Transporters will accede to the DSC and will have the same rights and responsibilities as other DSC customers.


The Agency Services Agreement between Xoserve and the Gas Transporters and the User Pays arrangements lapsed on 31 March 2017, and Xoserve will work with customers to draw these contracts to a close during the earlier part of 2017/18.

New entrants to the market will be required to accede either to the DSC or to the UUA.  Detailed information on the accession arrangements is available here.

Key DSC and UUA documents are available below.


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