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Registration Services

Whenever a customer transfers gas supplier, we register the connection, record the shipper or supplier details and hold the meter asset and provider details.

And when you consider that there are 24-million gas-supply points in Britain – and 4-6 million supply point transfers made each year – the scale of this task is clear.

What’s more, it’s getting bigger year on year, roughly 94.5k new meter points are created and registered annually.

Fortunately, the majority of transfer processes are automated. But if shippers, suppliers, Ofgem and other energy users have queries about the registration process or need access to specific data, they can contact our Information Centre.

Supply Point Data Services

Xoserve manages the data of gas supply points in all premises across Britain.

That includes the data needed to enable transfers. Plus the gas-usage data which supports demand forecasting and estimation, and the calculation of transportation volumes and charges.

Handling this volume of critical data demands robust and responsive IT systems.

Our on-line contact management processes enable quick resolution of shipper and network operator queries and maintenance of data quality on our systems.

Transportation Billing Settlement

It’s part of our job to ensure that 100+ gas shippers and traders who use the transporters’ networks are billed accurately, according to transportation volume and usage.

As such, we invoice around £4bn per annum on behalf of the Network companies, generating 45 million charge items on approximately 24,000 invoices. These charges are based on the volumes of gas consumed and the pipe capacity.

In addition, we’re required to maintain a balance between usage and supply. To do this effectively, we make gas-usage forecasts by analysing factors such as the volume and capacity of pipes, and potential peaks and troughs in demand caused by the weather.

All the services are supported by efficient and effective IT systems. We are constantly reviewing our IT estate and planning our Change Programme to ensure we retain our reputation for quality, security and reliability.

Energy Balancing

As an agent for the UK’s gas transporters, we are responsible for satisfying the National Grid’s obligations under the UNC for Energy Balancing Settlement activities.

These activities fall into three broad categories:

The management and delivery of IT systems which support gas balancing activities that include:

  • Demand estimation (see below) and attribution
  • Gas allocations & nominations
  • Recording of OTC and OCM trades

The monthly billing of 100+ users for Energy Balancing charges per annum amount to:

  • Credit Payments ( Invoices paid to Shippers ) Value circa £336 million
  • Debit Payments ( Invoice payments received from Shippers ) Value circa £335 million

Credit & Risk Management
The management of the commercial aspects of the Energy Balancing Regime.

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