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AQ Review

The Annual Quantity (AQ) Review Process

The AQ Review process is an annual series of activities, undertaken in line with the Uniform Network Code (UNC), which culminate in the recalculation of the AQ for all gas meter points.

This is a major transactional timeline, which requires an extraordinary volume of data to be processed. As a result (during September and October), it will impact upon the way Xoserve handles Supply Point Administration (SPA) files and also data availability within the Data Enquiry Service (DES).

In order to mitigate and minimise any disruption to the gas industry, a dedicated Xoserve Project team coordinates the whole end to end process. We are committed to ensuring communications are triggered strategically and in a timely fashion throughout the project life cycle. We will continue to keep all affected stakeholders fully updated on key activities and impacts, including preparation in the build up to implementation and the 1st October Go-Live date.

If you have any specific questions about the AQ Review process, please contact your Xoserve Operational contact or Shipper Engagement Business Partner.

Annual AQ Review Timeline

Date Activity
January Trial AQ Review
January Issue Trial AQ Review files to Industry
March / April SSP AQ Calculation
April (UNC) Issue date for Shipper AQ Amendment daily allowance
30th April First Release of SSP T04 Files
May First release: iGT (Weather Correction and CV data)
31st May (UNC) Second Release of SSP T04 Files & Threshold Crossers
01st June (UNC) AQ Amendment Window Opens
30th June (UNC) Release of LSP T04 Files
June Unique Sites AQ Calculations sent to Shippers
July Primary AQ Calculations sent to Shippers
1st July (UNC) First Release of MOD81
July BSSOQ Calculations sent to Shippers
July Unique Sites BSSOQ Calculations sent to Shippers
31st July (UNC) AQ Appeal Window Closes
1st August (UNC) Second Release of MOD81
13th August (UNC) Last day for AQ & BSSOQ Amendments
19th August (UNC) Final day for completion of all Shipper AQ Amendment Referrals
August Final release: iGT (Weather Correction and CV data)
August EUC File to Shippers
14th September (UNC) Release NRO/NRL Files to Shippers (Final AQ)
14th September (UNC) AQ Appeal Window Opens
September Release of Emergency Contact Reports
September Release of SSP DM Report
1st October (UNC) AQ Implementation Date
1st November (UNC) Final Release of MOD81
1st November (UNC) Release of AQ Appeal Performance Report
November Actual AQ Review Forum

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