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Gas Demand Research

Xoserve conducts research to ensure the gas transportation networks continue to operate effectively. By providing annual profiles of gas meter consumption, it enables gas transporters to accurately bill shippers for usage of their pipelines.


Using battery powered recording equipment, Xoserve gathers consumption data from approximately 4200, mainly domestic, volunteer gas consumers spread across mainland Britain. Data is captured in an encrypted format, satisfying data protection requirements, and is automatically transmitted daily via mobile phone networks to a central data gathering centre. Consumer data from the same geographical area is combined and then shared with transporters and shippers. The recording equipment does not capture meter readings, so does not affect a gas supplier’s obligation to take meter readings to calculate consumer bills.

For more details, please contact xoserve.demand.estimation@xoserve.com.

Can you help?                             

From time to time Xoserve requires additional participants, willing to have a device fitted to their gas meter. To be a part of our important research project, various criteria have to be met, including:

  • Your gas meter must be outside of your property and readily accessible
  • Your gas meter must not be a ‘Smart’ or a ‘Pre-Payment’ meter
  • You must regularly use mains gas for cooking and/or heating
  • I would like to register my interest in joining Xoserve’s Gas Demand Research Project. My details are as follows:

    Contact Name*

    Your Email*

    House Number/Name*


    Meter Location (Outdoor/Indoor)


Guidance for Meter Installers/Meter Workers

Xoserve provides a demand estimation service to Britain’s gas industry and develops annual usage profiles for different classes of gas consumer. The profiles are based on actual weather measurements and daily data from a sample of gas supply points.

Xoserve has obtained the permission of consumers to fit AMR equipment to their meters to record the amount of gas used each day. The equipment remains the property of Xoserve and is always a Cello automated meter reader, manufactured by Technolog Limited but installed and maintained by service provider Utilitec Services.

A continuous stream of daily data from each meter in the sample is essential to the demand estimation process.

If you come across a meter with an Xoserve AMR unit attached and need to remove or replace the meter, please do the following:

  • Disconnect the AMR communications cable from the meter
  • Leave the AMR unit and cable in place
  • Contact Utilitec Services on freephone number 0808 100 2621, quoting the Meter Point Reference Number (MPRN) and detailing the nature of the work (e.g. removal, replacement, and if replaced, what model has been installed).

Utilitec Services will then arrange to visit the site in the next few days to reconnect the AMR unit (if possible) or to retrieve the unit for use at another site.

Guidance for Meter Readers

The AMR unit works by recording pulses emitted by the meter, via a connecting cable. The equipment does not affect the workings of the meter, and Xoserve has permission to connect to the meter.

If you come across a meter with an Xoserve AMR unit attached, please read the index of the meter in the usual way and leave the AMR unit connected to the meter.

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