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Energy Identification Code (EIC) Information

The scheme provides a unique identification of the market participants and other entities active within the Internal Energy Market (IEM).

An EIC is a unique code that facilitates cross-border exchanges and identifies different objects and parties relating to the IEM and its operations. This was introduced on a European basis and aids all aspects of trading.  As of the 1st of November 2015, a registered EIC will be required if you intend to trade on PRISMA, the European Capacity booking platform.

As a result, an EIC is mandatory for certain operations; however, it is also recommended as good practice for all organisations to have a registered EIC as it may become mandatory in the future for all activities.

For information on the types of codes and their functions, please click here.

  • The EIC is only a code scheme, and it is not a right or authorisation to trade energy.



    1. Only EIC codes published in the Central Issuing Office (CIO) or Local Issuing Office (LIO) websites are to be considered as valid EIC codes. 
    2. The LIO assumes no responsibility or liability for the accuracy and the completeness of the information provided by an entity requesting an EIC code. In no event shall a LIO be liable for any damages of any kind, including, but not limited to, direct, indirect, general, special, incidental, or consequential damages arising out of any inaccuracy or incompleteness of the information provided by an entity requesting an EIC code. 

EIC – GB Local Issuing Office

Xoserve became a Local Issuing Office (LIO) for the UK on 7th September 2015 and is authorised to issue International and Local EIC Codes. This role was previously held by National Grid.

To view the full list of EIC Codes issued previously by National Grid LIO and new codes issued by Xoserve, please download the Public GB EIC Library spreadsheet. A code beginning with 48 has been issued by National Grid, and 55 identifies Xoserve as the issuer. All other codes have been included for reference purposes only as they are not actively maintained or updated by National Grid or Xoserve. These codes are valid for both gas and electricity; therefore, if you have an EIC for either gas or electricity, you do not need to register again. National Grid will continue in its role as UK Electricity LIO.

For a list of LIOs, please click here.

Allocation of an EIC Code

Step 1 – Your company representative can submit requests for the registration of new codes, modification or deactivation of existing EIC Codes using the request forms below. Please complete and return to customerlifecycle.spa@xoserve.com.

Step 2 – Xoserve, as the LIO, will process and validate the request form, consulting the Central Issuing Office (CIO) for International codes.

Step 3 – We aim to allocate your EIC code within five working days. You will receive notification of your new code via email. Local Codes will be published on the Xoserve LIO website. An International Code will be published on both Xoserve’s and the CIO’s website.

*It is advisable to request an international EIC code.

The forms required to register, modify or deactivate an EIC code can be found in the table below. Please send your completed request forms to the LIO team at customerlifecycle.spa@xoserve.com.

Document Title
Request New Z Type Code
Modify Details of Z Type Code
Request New Y Type Code
Modify Details of Y Type Code
Request New X Type Code
Modify Details of X Type Code
Request New W Type Code
Modify Details of W Type Code
Deactivate an Existing EIC Code

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