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UK Link

The UK Link suite of IT systems facilitates key processes for the competitive gas industry in Great Britain, including gas consumer switching and energy settlement. The original system was implemented in 1996 and has been adapted over the years to support changes to the industry and business processes. The need to replace key elements of the current UK Link systems was identified some years ago. Requirements have been defined through the Project Nexus consultation and UNC Modification process and extensive industry discussions have taken place to agree future requirements.

The new system went live on 1st June 2017 using a SAP solution and represents one of the most significant changes to Xoserve and the wider industry.

There will be some changes to existing and new processes as part of the programme. All Users will access the system via the Xoserve Services Portal. In addition to Gas shippers and Gas Transporters, the Independent Gas Transporters (IGTs) will manage their portfolio activities using the portal application.  A number of processes currently managed using off-line systems will now be incorporated into UK Link. In addition, there are consequential changes to other existing systems; Gemini, Contact Management Service (CMS) and Data Enquiry Service (DES).

This new system provides a future platform for on-going changes to the gas industry.

Users are requested to consult with Xoserve prior to submitting test files on IX so that we can ensure that test capability is available.

If you wish to undertake testing, please contact your customer advocate.

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