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PCW Gas API Service


Xoserve is the Central Data Service Provider for Britain’s gas market. In this role Xoserve provide a comprehensive range of critically important services to the gas Industry. This enables the reliable, efficient operation of Britain’s competitive retail gas market to serve all customers large and small.

Xoserve is now hosting an Application Programming Interface (API) service for Price Comparison Websites (PCWs) to access domestic consumer data for the purposes of facilitating a domestic consumer switch of supply.

Sandbox Trial Service

The sandbox trial service is a free-of-charge way to interact with the system using test data.

This sandbox trial service gives you access to the test environment for the API product, giving you an opportunity to understand how the full product would work and how it can integrate with your own systems.

Live Service

The live service provides you with access to real time data via an API service for the purposes of facilitating a domestic consumer switch. This information will give your business the benefits of fast, direct access to update gas market registration data. This is aimed at facilitating an efficient and effective switch of Supplier for the end consumer.


To get started please download the application form and return to us. 

Click here to download the application form >>

Data Accessible



Meter Point Reference Number

Unique identifier for a supply offtake point and used to identify the meter to be switched

Metering Point Address

The address for the metering point, provided by the relevant Gas Transporter

Metering Point Postcode

The postcode for the metering point, provided by the relevant Gas Transporter

Current Supplier ID

Industry identifier for the current Supplier

Meter Mechanism Code

Industry identifier for the type of equipment fitted e.g. credit or prepayment meter


Unique identifier for the Gas Transporter Organisation. For Large Transporters this can also be used to identify the geographical area a metering point is located in

Meter Capacity indicator e.g., 1= up to and including 11 cubic metres, 2= above 11 cubic metres

The maximum amount of gas that can be passed through the meter. This is provided for sites connected to a Transporter Network. The capacity of the metering point in m3

Meter Serial Number

Identifier for metering equipment at a premises

Annual Quantity

Annual quantity of gas assumed to be off taken over a period based on historical information provided in kWh

Local Distribution Zone

This is a discrete gas system supplying gas to a region

Smart Meter Equipment Technical code

Specification ID of the smart meter


  • An API is a set of requirements and specifications that governs how software programs can communicate with each other. An API connects business processes, services, content and data in an easy and secure way enabling companies to exchange data and build consistent cross-channel customer experiences, under a specific set of functions and variables.

  • The Gas API Service is available to Price Comparison Websites (PCWs). A PCW is defined as: a price comparison website, internet-based price comparison service or other internet-based TPI that provides comparisons between, and/or access to, personalised quotes for retail energy to domestic customers, and may facilitate, on behalf of the domestic customer, a change of retail energy supplier, tariff, or both.
  • Please refer to the table above to see the data available via this service
  • You are able to terminate the Gas API Service with 10 days written notice.
    • If you have questions regarding the commercial arrangements for this service then please contact xoserve.customer.lifecycle.team@xoserve.com
    • If you have any operational queries regarding this service then please contact eweenquiries.spa@xoserve.com
    • If you have any technical queries or issues then please contact the Xoserve Service Desk on 0845 6000 506 or servicedesk@xoserve.com

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