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Putting our Customers at the Heart of Change

Xoserve’s newly formed Retail and Networks Platform has been busy with a raft of work aimed at helping Xoserve and our customers plan change better. Lee Foster, Platform Director for Xoserve explains more:

“My team and I have attended a number of industry meetings to discuss this subject in recent months – as well as attending specific sessions with individual customers – and the conversations we’ve had have all been useful in helping shape how we manage and plan changes at Xoserve on behalf of our customers. Thank you to all those who have contributed so far.

“One of the fundamental things we’ve been doing is cleansing and stabilising our change database so that we have a solid record of all change that our customers want.

“As part of this work we’ve also established a prioritisation mechanism so that we can correctly order change, which has been agreed with our customers at the Data Services Contract (DSC) Change Managers Committee (ChMC) and Delivery Sub Group.

“As a result of this work, the scope for UK Link Release 3 has now been approved and we have also been able to produce a 24-month release plan that allocates all change to a release. This enables our delivery, operations and customer teams – and ultimately our customers – to understand where a change is scheduled, and critically, gives them a vehicle to challenge and articulate an alternative.

“We’ve also undertaken a change demand analysis to understand what we need to deliver customers’ needs; consequently we have added change delivery capacity to deliver smaller change more quickly (minor releases) and additional development and test environments.

“So what’s next? Well, the priority will be embedding our 24-month release plan, and genuinely using as a tool with our customers to get the right order and pace of change for our customers.

“We’ll also continue to seek feedback and refine ChMC and wider customer interactions, whilst ensuring our internal departments at Xoserve are all aligned to support this work.

“This work really is a collaborative effort and it’s vital that our customers continue to feed their views and requirements; please get in touch if you have any feedback or thoughts.”

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