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Review of the UK Link Information Library

We have recently been reviewing the UK Link Information Library to ensure that it is still fit for purpose and relevant for our customers.

The review has included the following:

Removal of Q&As that are no longer valid (e.g. market trials related QAs, duplicated QAs.)

Ensuring all hyperlinks are accurate and up to date.

Updating existing valid questions where further supporting information may assist/be relevant.

Adding new Q&As to relevant sections where felt that they may assist our customers.

Standardising Q&As where possible to try to ensure they are clearer and more concise.

Sections are now being individually updated following internal signs offs (marked as ‘Review complete’ below).

Q&A Section Status
General Review complete
AQ Under review
CSEPs Under review
Data Enquiry System Review complete
Demand Estimation/UIG Review complete
File Formats Review complete
Invoicing Review complete
Meter Reads Review complete
Non-Standard Sites Review complete
Portal Review complete (remove section)
RGMA Under review
SPA Under review
CMS Review complete
UK Link Reports Review complete (remove section)
File Types* Under review (*new section)

When those listed in the table ‘Under review’ are ready to be published, notification will be communicated to customer via our weekly bulletin and also in this latest news section of our website.

If you have any feedback for the information library and any further improvements that could be made, please contact Xoserve via either Helen Field (helen.field@xoserve.com) or xoserve.customeropscomms@xoserve.com



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