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Unidentified Gas (UIG)

UIG Resolution – Weekly Update published 14th September

As the Central Data Service Provider for the gas industry, Xoserve maintains and manages the central database. The database holds all of Great Britain’s gas consumption points (‘Supply Points’) and provides a forecast of each system user’s gas demand for the current and following day, while also performing the allocation of the total actual system usage after the day across all users. Gas forecasting and allocation are done at an aggregated level, grouping sites by geography and size of their typical annual usage.

On 1st June 2017, Xoserve implemented a new suite of systems as part of its UK Link Programme. These changes included the introduction of a new supply point register and made changes to the gas allocation systems. These new systems brought into effect a number of major ‘rule’ changes, which had been designed by gas industry parties over several years. These changes were intended to make daily gas allocation fairer and more transparent.

One of the key changes introduced was a new daily concept of ‘Unidentified Gas’ – an amount of gas which could not be attributed directly to any system user. As only a minority of supply points (less than 20% of annual usage and fewer than 1,000 sites) submit daily reads into the allocation process, the remainder of gas is allocated based on estimates and historic profiles based on sample data.

In its role at the centre of the gas industry, Xoserve has been trying to support its customers to understand and manage Unidentified Gas further. In addition, Xoserve is looking to increase its analytical capability, and use more advanced technology with a number of aims:

  • Develop a better understanding of the drivers of daily Unidentified Gas
  • Develop a model which can explain historic daily levels and fluctuations, and predict future movements at a daily and regional level
  • Undertake a radical review of the forecasting/allocation model used for the Non-Daily Metered sites to identify whether any significant improvements could be made, which would in turn reduce/mitigate Unidentified Gas levels and variation
  • Undertake analysis of the predicted versus the actual consumed energy as a way of validating the models currently used for forecasting and allocation
  • Develop projections of the time required for all meters to be read, and the amount of actual energy as yet unrecorded, to give a view of the eventual level of Unidentified Gas after all settlement processes have taken place
  • Identify any particular sites that have significant variances between allocation and consumption on a continuing basis

We will keep customers updated on this important issue via this page.


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