Change forums

Learn how we bring customers together to collaborate on change – and find out how to get involved.

What are change forums? 

Our customers feel the impact whenever industry processes, central systems or services change.  

We run change forums to make sure customers collaborate on the changes that affect them – from idea to implementation. 

In these meetings, customers come together to: 

  • help develop ideas 
  • share what they need from a proposed change  
  • make decisions on the scope of a change 
  • create plans for a smooth delivery   

All the industry meetings we organise or take part in are explained below.  

Find out what they are, when they happen, and how to get involved. 


DSG is a sub-group of the Data Services Contract (DSC) Change Management Committee (ChMC). 

In DSG meetings, we share recommendations on changes to our IT services and systems – and wider industry change.  


Attend a meeting

DSG meetings are held each month. You can find all meeting dates in our events calendar.

Next meeting: Monday 23 May 2022


Meeting documentation

We publish agendas and any pre-reads the Monday before each meeting.  

We publish the minutes and any post-meeting documents by the following Monday. 

All documents are available through our events calendar.


Extraordinary DSG meetings for CSS Consequential Change 

As the Central Switching Service (CSS) programme moves forward, we hold occasional DSG meetings.  

These are used to discuss requirements and solutions around CSS Consequential Change.  

All meetings are included in the events calendar.  

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ChMC meetings are run by the Joint Office of Gas Transporters. We support them by providing any supporting documents and meeting papers.   

These meetings focus on changes to the Data Services Contract (DSC) – the agreement shared by all our customers.  


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ChMC meetings are held every month, on the first or second Wednesday.  

Find a full list of meetings in the calendar below. 

ChMC meetings calendar   

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CoMC meetings are also run by the Joint Office of Gas Transporters. These meetings focus on how we’re performing in relation to the DSC. 


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CoMC meetings take place each month. They’re attended by the CoMC and our representatives.  

Meetings, dates and dial-in details are found at the bottom of the following page.  

CoMC meetings schedule 

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Events calendar

See when the next change forums are happening. 

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