Switching programme (CSS)

Find out about the changes we’re introducing for a new Centralised Switching Service (CSS). View updates and access documents relating to the programme.

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    What is the switching programme (CSS)?

    Energy regulator Ofgem has introduced a programme that aims to help energy consumers switch their supplier more easily and with greater confidence.

    The programme aims to replace existing switching services with a new Centralised Switching Service (CSS).


    How is Xoserve involved in the programme?

    We’re working with Ofgem to deliver the programme, which will involve changes to the switching process for Shippers and Suppliers.

    To help the CSS function, we need to make consequential changes within UK Link and Gemini.

    Other areas affected by the CSS programme include:

    • data entry
    • interfaces or interactions between Shippers and Suppliers
    • processes being managed or maintained by the new CSS

    The work we're doing is called the Central Switching Service Consequential (CSSC) programme. 


    What progress have we made?

    You can find out about the progress we’ve made on the CSSC programme through our:

    • CSSC programme update
    • weekly programme status reports

    You can access these updates and reports below.

    CSSC programme update: 5 May 2022

    During April we were in stage 1 of implementation which involved migrating data to and from CSS. This has now been completed and we moved into stage 2 on 2 May 2022. Alongside this we have also began internal awareness activities around the CSSC Programme.

    Current DES users, please be aware we are starting to look at the move from DES to GES. You may shortly be contacted by our Business Analysts regarding this. If you would like any more information around this subject, please contact ges.transition@xoserve.com

    Go-live date and current focus

    We’re working towards a go-live date of 18 July 2022 and are currently focusing on transition, cutover and post-implementation. We’re still testing and have incorporated over 1,000 test scripts. These have been assured and approved by all relevant parties.

    Transition stages

    We have completed stage 1, which included the process of migrating data to and from CSS. We began stage 2 on 2 May 2022. During this stage we are switching on some of the data sharing APIs between UK Link and Landmark in preparation for go-live.

    Future awareness building for customers

    As we continue working on the programme, we’ll be guiding our customers on go-live and post-go-live awareness. We’ll continue to update this web page with key information about the programme and any important changes.

    Weekly programme status report

    Project documents

    Below, you’ll find key documents associated with the CSSC programme, including key risks and our draft business requirements.

    CSSC programme key risks

    DSG meeting for CSS consequential change

    Draft business requirements documents (BRD)

    Contact us

    If you have any questions about the CSSC programme, please email Emma Lyndon.