Class 3 Supply Point Migration

A message from Ranjit Patel, Chief Customer Officer.

Published on 18 Jun 2019

As you may be aware, last month the AUG (Allocation of Unidentified Gas) table of Unidentified Gas (UIG) weighting factors was published. This table includes a significant shift in the weighting factors between the different classes of site that were introduced through Project Nexus (Class 1 – large sites which are daily metered  through to Class 4 smaller sites with a lower frequency of read) and will come into effect from October 2019.

Due to the revised UIG weighting factors, we are now seeing demand from customers for an unprecedented movement to Class 3 for a significant number of Supply Points. This movement will result in a large increase in the number of read submissions that will be required on a monthly basis and, in a worst case scenario, could result in the submission of over 100 million reads for Class 3 on a peak day.

In order to ensure that as an industry we are able to respond to the AUGE revision, enabled by the continued successful operation of the UK Link system, we are taking the following steps to assess and address the risks outlined above:

  • We will continue to work with customers to understand their intended plans for migration between classes
  • We will work with the industry to identify alternative solutions for flattening daily read submission profiles to best utilise the central systems
  • We will establish the upper limits of system performance based on current capacity for both read submissions and downstream processes, particularly reconciliation processes and the production of the Amendment Invoice and supporting information
  • We will look at possible options for the rapid deployment of additional capacity should this be required.

It is important that we have a complete picture of the scale of any movements. If you are considering any activities to move sites between classes and particularly to Class 3, please contact your Customer Advocate to discuss your plans and to ensure that we can manage migration volumes appropriately. 

Kind regards, 

Ranjit Patel, 

Chief Customer Officer