Coronavirus (COVID-19) Customer Update

The latest update as we continue to support our customers through the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Published on 01 Oct 2021

Dear Customers,

I’d like to share our final update on the support we have provided through the challenges and impacts of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

All business are now allowed to open in each of the Home Nations. Any site which has chosen not to open (or is unable to open for other reasons such as lack of staff) should not be using the temporary facilities introduced by Urgent Modifications 0722 and 0723. It is important that we receive regular meter readings for all sites, to ensure accurate settlement and prompt reconciliation. At the beginning of September 2021 over 11% of all GB meter points (with over 10% of the total LDZ Annual Quantity) were overdue for a meter reading based on Uniform Network Code obligations. We are encouraging all Shippers and Suppliers to review their portfolios and submit valid meter readings for those overdue sites.

Xoserve and Correla are re-opening our shared offices at Lansdowne Gate in Solihull, with a focus on providing a central collaboration space for all our colleagues and customers. We expect that many of our colleagues will continue to work in a hybrid pattern, between home and Lansdowne Gate.

Since our last update, Ofgem published its decision to reject UNC Modification 0758 (Temporary extension of AUG Statement creation process). This means that the Table of UIG Weighting Factors for Gas Year 2021/22 will be those proposed by the independent expert. The decision will affect the proportions in which Unidentified Gas (UIG) is shared out from October 1st. We covered this decision and some changes to Non-Daily Metered allocation profiles for Gas Year 2021/22 in a recent news article: you can read our update here.

We intend this to be our final COVID-19 update, as restrictions have now eased largely and businesses have adapted to the “new normal”. We would like to thank all our customers for their support and patience over the last 18 months. Our customers remain our top priority and we are available, whichever way you choose to contact us. Our website gives you a range of options to access our services:


Kind regards,

Andrew Szabo | Chief Customer Officer