Coronavirus (COVID-19) Customer Update - India

The latest update as we continue to support our customers through the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Published on 30 Apr 2021

Dear Customer,

As you will be aware, Xoserve (now via Correla) outsources a number of key operational services to service providers in India.

Given the unfolding situation there, we wanted to reassure you that we are working with our service providers to safeguard the delivery of services to our customers and understand the impact on the wellbeing of staff operating and managing services from various locations across India.  

Significant focus on continuity of service has been in place throughout the pandemic and this extends to third party suppliers within and outside of the UK.  Andrew Szabo (Chief Customer Officer for Correla) has been providing regular updates on the COVID Incident Management approach for DSC services via CoMC and the Xoserve website. We will continue to use these channels for future updates.

In support of the services provided under DSC, Correla meets with its offshore service providers at an operational level on a daily basis and at a management level as often as necessary (usually weekly). Since the beginning of the pandemic (prior to the formation of Correla), the updates provided in these meetings have included a situational update and risk assessment on matters related to the COVID pandemic, which feed directly into our Business Continuity Plans.  This has continued since the separation and sale of Correla. As a result of diligent planning, none of these service providers have been significantly impacted since the pandemic began and a BAU level of delivery and support capability has remained in place, throughout.  We can confirm that these offshore providers continue to maintain heightened levels of monitoring and Business Continuity planning in relation to COVID and normal levels of Operational capability are being maintained. Understandably, one of the key priorities will be the preservation of life and wellbeing of all as we closely monitor the situation.

Correla, on behalf of Xoserve, will continue to work closely with all the India-based third party providers involved in delivering the services under the DSC to review and adjust the mitigation strategies as the situation develops. At headline level, we can advise that a core component of the mitigation strategy is based around the re-direction of work to appropriately skilled Correla teams and alternative service providers. Where necessary, prioritisation of activity will be undertaken to ensure service continuity over project / programme delivery. Any such priority calls will be made in collaboration with customers and industry stakeholders.

We will continue to communicate any change in risk or impact that arises as a result of COVID. As always, your Customer Advocates remain available to help and support you, should you have any further questions.


Dave Turpin, Head of Customer, Industry and Regulatory Affairs

Andrew Szabo, Chief Customer Officer, Correla