Data Discovery Platform – First PAFA release of Management Insights

We’ve successfully implemented the first release of PAFA MI through our Data Discovery Platform.

Published on 06 Mar 2020

We’re pleased to announce that we have successfully implemented the first release of PAFA Insights (MI) through our Data Discovery Platform (DDP).

Our latest release builds on the previously delivered Reads content, by providing the Performance Assurance Framework Administrator (PAFA) with Read Performance, Check Reads and Replaced Meter Reads in a user friendly, interactive online dashboard, allowing PAFA to effectively carry out their role in assuring Shipper performance, and taking necessary action where appropriate.

What will customers see in the new PAFA Insights dashboards? 

Updated on both a daily and monthly basis, the dashboard provides PAFA with the ability to discover and investigate Reads data and will give them insights into Read Performance, Transfer Reads, Estimated Reads, No reads, Check Reads and Replaced Meter Reads.

There is a live Uniform Network Code (UNC) Modification which, if approved, will allow PAFA to drill down into the detail for the Meter Points which fall into the negative performance bracket.

How do you access the DDP? 

If you need access to the DDP, please contact the Xoserve Service Desk on 0845 600 0506 or email

You can also download our DDP app!

The DDP is our first service supported by mobile technology, providing you with an easy and secure way to access your data on the move. You can download the app for your Android or iOS device on our website.

Find out more

If you would like to know more about our Data Discovery Platform (DDP), and the dashboards that are available, check out our webpage.